Summer Video game launches

Summer Video game launches

What your kids will want

By summer’s end, 18 new video games will line the shelves of your favorite gaming store. What will make your kid say, “I want?” Let’s take a sneak peek.

There are two racing games due out this summer. The first is DIRT Showdown. It’s a down and dirty racing game with the trailer mantra of “Race Hard, Party Hard.” It’s rated E+10 for everyone older than 10 but includes a few choice hand gestures as racers crash and bang into each other to reach the finish line.

In time for the 65th anniversary of the completion of the first Ferrari in 1947, Ferrari Legends launches a new racing simulation game in its series featuring Ferrari’s history, 50 Ferrari vehicles and racing disciplines – Formula One, rally racing and GT. Anyone can unlock his or her favorite racing Ferrari, and this one is rated “E” for everyone.

Here’s one that will likely be hugely appealing to your youngster even if in name only – Lollipop Chainsaw. It’s a grotesque zombie-killing game featuring a bimbo sleuth who hopes to uncover the reason for the zombie outbreak. It’s got all you want to avoid, including sex, drugs and brutality. It’s rated, appropriately, “M” for mature.

Super heroes make the summer cut, namely Batman and Spiderman. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, for every console and every player 10 years old and older, has players using bat gadgets to rid Gotham City of villains who explode into LEGO pieces when defeated. It’s LEGO. It’s fairly benign.

With a new movie, why not a new video game? Become Spiderman in a free-roaming action adventure game rated “T” for teens that features Web slinging and acrobatic crime stopping. Look for this game, The Amazing Spiderman, to be available about the time the movie of the same name is released – end of June. Imagine that?

But The Amazing Spiderman is not the only movie/video combo pack out this summer. Look for Disney Pixar’s Brave to release mid-June. Players can assume the role of Merida, an expert archer and heroine, or other characters from the film. I gotta say, it’s nice to have a strong female character on the big screen and in a video game! It’s a flick for the little chick.

How about a little sports action on Xbox this summer? Two football games hit the market – NCAA Football 2013 and Madden NFL 2013. Recruit and revel in collegiate play as you pass, run, catch and score. This latest edition to the long-running series promises more realistic passing and defensive plays. It’s rated “E” for everyone just like the second football game out mid-year — Madden NFL 2013. “NFL” is another simulation football game only featuring professional teams and players instead of college play. Pick your level and pick your game.

A host of eerie-sounding video games come to life between now and fall school days – Darksiders II, Sniper Ghost Warrior and Risen 2: Dark Waters.

In Darksiders II, players take on the persona of the Horseman of Death traveling to dungeons and city hubs to prove his brother, the Horseman of War, is innocent of wrongdoings from the original game – Darksiders. It’s rated “M” – bloody, gory and violent.

Guess what you do in Sniper Ghost Warrior? You use a wide array of weapons – pistols, grenades and knives – to kill people. You’re a sniper. But you’re in a pretty place – the Isla of Trueno. Rated “M” for its blood and violence.

When you can’t see your feet in the water, there’s usually a monster, and that’s the case with Risen 2: Dark Waters. Players assume the role of a character charged with finding a powerful weapon. Along the way, the character is attacked by pirates and monsters of the sea. Melee combat, lots of cursing including the “F” word, and gruesome beating of pedestrians make this game a no-go for the youngsters. It’s rated “M.”

Inversion launches in early summer and features cops shooting their way through a war-torn city to find a girl. Bipedal robot characters make their debut in Steel Battalion Heavy Armor. Set in 2082, the game is rated “M” because these vertical tanks get nude and violent. Huh? Might have to buy that one.

The shooting continues in Specs Op: The Line, a third-person shooter game set in Dubai. In Anarchy Reigns, players will fight – physically and with weapons – through a post-apocalyptic world. And in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, guess what? Players will be fighting and shooting to save Cybertron. It’s rated “M,” too.

Perhaps the weirdest of the M-rated video games this summer is Persona 4. In this role-playing video game, players are a teenage boy who enters another dimension in a TV world and saves lost souls on the midnight channel. Of course, our hero has to battle human-like monsters, many of whom are nude and/or have phallic heads and bodies.

Now you know what will be marketed to your kiddos this summer. After August, it’s all downhill with only 17 games to be launched until Christmas.