Support your local zombie

Support your local zombie

Zombie Voodoo Fest 2012 invades Southeast Texas July 7-8


A mere 43 years after Woodstock, the promoters of a music and culture event to be held in Beaumont are hoping for an influx of mostly young people looking to have a good time. The peace signs and love beads and other relics of the Summer of Love have been consigned to the dustbin of history, replaced by the walking dead.

Zombie Voodoo Fest 2012 Texas will take over Southeast Texas the weekend of July 7-8. Indications are perhaps thousands of attendees will get their zombie on to observe the Battle of the Bands competition, the “Thriller” After Dark dance party and a horror film festival. They will have a chance to participate in a Celebrity and Sports Product Silent Auction and put their bodies on the line in the Zombie Survival Run & Tag.

Promoters describe it like this: “The Zombie Run/Tag is the thriller for sure! Survival to the finish line is an absolute must if you plan on taking home something other than a diseased ridden significant other or best friend! You must cross the finish line as a living human without getting tagged by some flesh-rotting, brain-eating dead walker. Finish ... get rewarded!”

Also scheduled is the Hot Zombie Beauty Contest and even a zombie wedding. Trenton Barlow and Ashley Wells of Orange will recite their nuptials dressed as zombies. The Classy Peacock of Bridge City is a sponsor of Zombie Voodoo Fest 2012 and will provide the wedding dress for the blushing bride. Wells said the pair have been engaged for three years and the event sounded like fun.

Fun seems to be the operative word for the current zombie revival, sparked by the popular AMC television series “The Walking Dead,” which first aired in 2010, based on the comic books of the same name. The genre first seized the public imagination with the 1932 film “White Zombie” starring Bela Lugosi, then gained popularity with the George Romero film “Night of the Living Dead,” which has remained popular since its 1968 release and spawned a host of sequels and imitators.

Searching the Zombie Voodoo Fest page on Facebook revealed a photo of Business Journal contributor Vyki Alleman dressed as a bloody zombie. Alleman, whose Ask Vyki column covers social media applications for business, cited strong word of mouth and social network coverage that has boosted the event. The Business Journal will dispatch her to provide reports from the festival since she already has the right outfit to wear.

The event is sponsored by Emerging Magazine, described as “the Global News and Luxury Events Magazine,” which would make principal Stefan du Bois tri-coastal since the magazine originates from San Francisco, Houston and New York.

He said the organization is staging a series of zombie events around the country this year and decided to bring it to Southeast Texas following a suggestion from his daughter, 20.

The family came home for Christmas to Bridge City where Stefan du Bois is still known as Ricky Buxton. In the end, that’s why these festivals – whether jazz, zombie or fishing tournament – are good for business. A cash infusion from out of town creates new business, and you can often hear some great music in the process.Speaking of music, the headline act is The Last Nova, an American active rock band from San Francisco whose single “Wasted” debuted on Billboard’s Top 100 Singles chart at No. 6 in late May.

The Battle of the Bands offers a $10,000 Grand Prize that has attracted acts from throughout the region including the Zombie Door Knobz, who play experimental mainstream metal; The Kingdom Mafia, metal/hard rock; Ashes of a Martyr, metalcore; Panamorous, hard rock and pop; Suicide Pandemic, extreme metal; Maximus, classic rock; and Autumn Stay, metal/hard rock featuring vocalist Danielle Blizzard.

Tickets are $25 for a One Day Zombie Voodoo Fest Pass or $35 for Two Day Zombie Voodoo Fest Pass. The event supports International Children’s Art Network, a nonprofit benefiting impoverished youth seeking to pursue fine arts and performing arts careers.

For more information including new time, date and location search for Zombie Voodoo Fest on Facebook.