We all have ‘The Hangover’ to thank for this

We all have ‘The Hangover’ to thank for this

‘Rough Night’

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Jillian Bell

Directed by: Lucia Aniello

Rated: R


My sister and I have an ongoing debate about the role of movies that revolves around art vs. entertainment. I fall into the latter fold because I have hard time seeing movies like “Booty Call” as art. But sis, a graduate of Cal Arts, holds that movies must teach us something in order to have succeeded. We rarely agree — until now.

I learned plenty in this “Hangover” wannabe. In fact, if not for “Hangover,” we would have all been spared a plethora of drunken comedies. This one is one of two this summer strictly for the ladies. The only difference is that one is set in New Orleans — another great city for partying.

This merry bunch of former coeds is led by Scarlett Johansson as Jess, a straight arrow who is running for state senator and engaged to be married. Her pals, played by Jillian Bell, Kate McKinnon, Ilana Glazer and Zoe Kravitz, whisk her off to Miami for a one last blast of a bachelorette party, and it doesn’t take long for the fun to turn to tragedy when after of night of bar crawling, Bell’s obnoxious character, Alice, takes a running jump at the male stripper they’ve hired and knocks him into the corner of the fireplace, killing him.

From then on, the five friends are on a mission to hide the body and clean up the rental house before dawn, but they have some nosey neighbors and a lot of unfortunate timing trying to deal with the aftermath of the stripper’s demise.

Meanwhile, Jess’s fiancé decides she’s blowing off the marriage because she’s not answering her phone and drives to Miami to confront her. This leads to a lame, kind of creepy subplot with him wearing adult diapers on the long road trip to avoid pit stops. Of course he is stopped by a cop and forced to take a sobriety test in nothing but a pair of Depends and a T-shirt. Eww.

There is nothing to distinguish this comedy from a dozen others with either guys or gals acting stupid after a night of drinking and drugging. The story plays out relatively the same, although this one has Ty Burrell and Demi Moore as a couple of next-door neighbors who are swingers. Getting their possibly incriminating security camera footage will prove to be interesting for Blair (Kravitz).

So what did I learn? Never go to Miami for a bachelorette party. In fact, just avoid those kinds of affairs altogether. If by chance I do end up at a weekend bachelorette party, I need to bring my own car so if it all goes south, I have a sure-fire escape plan. Oh, and never accept a marriage proposal from a guy who would even think about donning adult diapers without a really good reason — and I mean a really good reason.

Perhaps the best thing I learned in the one hour and forty minute running time of this movie was to avoid any more “ladies getting drunk” comedies. Thanks, sis.