Connie Dickinson’s big birthday celebration

A bouquet made of 100 roses, with one for each year of Connie Dickinson’s life

Connie Dickinson, volunteer extraordinaire, had a big day Tuesday, Oct. 18. She reached her 100th birthday and celebrated for several days with friends and coworkers.

Monday, the day before her special day, Vickie Holcombe, director of Volunteer Services at Baptist Beaumont Hospitals, staff, volunteers, patients and guests joined together to honor Connie on one of her regular volunteer days at the hospital.

Connie is a quiet, humble lady and really did not want any fanfare made about her milestone. Her friends had other ideas, however, and greeted her with cake, goodies, and gifts when she came to work.

Holcombe said Connie now has over 15,000 volunteer hours since 1990 and enjoys working the busy front desk, answering phones, and greeting people. You can find her there every Monday and Saturday because those are the toughest days to enlist others busy with family and community plans.

You may be surprised to find that Connie still drives to the hospital, to her church functions, and anywhere else she wishes to go in her own automobile. Because it was her birthday, she had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Beaumont to renew her license. She passed every requirement with flying colors and is certified to drive for two additional years.

Tuesday, the actual day she turned 100, her fellow residents of Calder Woods, where Connie happily resides, along with staff and guests, surprised her with another huge celebration at the noon meal.

One of the highlights of this gathering was a most beautiful bouquet made up of 100 roses celebrating each of her years. This was a gift from RSVP of Southeast Texas, a volunteer organization Connie works with in the area.