Kalanchoe hates soggy soils

Kalanchoe hates soggy soils

If it were to send out notices of a family reunion, the kalanchoe would have more than 125 envelopes to lick. An avid collector can find varieties from a few inches in height to a few feet tall. Some are creepers.

The kalanchoe most commonly found in nurseries is 3 feet tall and perennial. You can count on this succulent to give you blooms in the hottest part of the year. The kalanchoe name is pronounced with the final “e” audible. You may have heard it called “air plant.”Kalanchoes are found in the wilds of South America, China and Java, but Madagascar is considered its homeland. The name is from a Chinese word. These constant bloomers were originally brought from Madagascar to Paris in 1927, where a German merchant named Blossfeld managed to grow them as houseplants. According to www.valentine.fr, the merchant began to trade his kalanchoe plants, which made them more popular. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a common variety named after him.

The people of the Amazon use kalanchoe as an herbal remedy even today. They infuse the leaves and use the tea as a popular remedy for fevers. The leaves are boiled and applied to skin ulcers. The leaves are soaked overnight and the liquid is consumed the next morning for heartburn.

If you have an area of your yard that doesn’t get much water, this is the perfect option. How about a kalanchoe in a cactus garden or rock garden? They don’t want much water and just hate a soggy location.

Beautiful varieties of colors can be found including reds, pinks, purple, white, yellow, orange and bi-colors. They are precious with their compact shape, rich foliage and study stems. You will love the kalanchoe because of its long-lasting flowers and ease of care. They love our warm temperatures and can grow both indoors and out.

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