Spring is sprung

Spring is sprung

Yes, it is that wonderful time of the year again when those green leaves in the trees surprise us with how much they grow every day, and birds just everywhere with their antics. And we are getting very busy in the yard. It can even be overwhelming. Hopefully, you have clipped dead branches and prepared a little section of your yard for growing some new little seedlings, even if it is some pots with brand new potting soil.

Needing inspiration? The very well attended Jefferson County Master Gardener Spring Plant Sale and Market Day is upon us. What a fun event! Be sure to come on out to Jack Brooks Regional Airport, Hangar 4, on Saturday, April 8. There is no charge for admission, and parking is free, too. The hours of the sale are 8 a.m. – 1 p.m., but I would suggest you get there a little earlier to avoid the crowd. Around 600 people usually make it out. Bring your own cart or wagon if you are going to stock up this year. There will be a Kids Corner and Food Booth.

Especially exciting is the addition of a dedicated Gardening Question and Answer Session at 7:30 a.m. I know it’s a little early to get out but so worth having that cup of coffee before you normally do. Our head extension agent, David Oates, will be there to answer your questions during the session. As a matter of fact, all during the sale you can often corner one of the knowledgeable master gardeners and get the answers to questions you may have: Holes in the leaves of your squash? Tomatoes put on a bloom but don’t really develop a fruit? A certain tree in your yard dropping leaves like crazy?

Dorothy Norris, chairman of the Spring Plant Sale, says, “Look for a wonderful variety of flowers, shrubs, citrus trees and more. One of the reasons that this event is so popular is that unique varieties and unique plants are available for sale.” Also, there will be vendors displaying “garden art” that usually sell out.

Oates is excited to work with our super active Jefferson County Master Gardener group. 

“Ann Lott has worked with me selecting plants for the sale,” said Joyce Logan, chairman of the Plant Team. “We have propagated and purchased a great variety of plants this year. Look for Texas SuperStars, butterfly pentas, Angelonia, sweet olive shrub, Peggy Martin roses, blue sky flower, angel trumpets, Mexican flame vine, eggplant, peppers and hydrangeas. We will have the beautiful Chinese fringe tree as well.” 

Look for Sarah Sloan, MG secretary; Jeanene Ebeling, MG vice-president; and Eileen Slater, MG president at the sale, along many volunteer MG members. Monies raised are used for future programs, speakers and the MG Short Course.

Limited vendor space is still available. Call Ann Bares (409) 892-7351 for more information. Have any other questions? Want to become a master gardener? Call the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agency office and ask for Jeanene Ebeling or Peggy Coleman at (409) 835-8461.