Stunning water lilies grow well in SETX gardens

Stunning water lilies grow well in SETX gardens

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? One of the homes we lived in had a small water pond that I knew absolutely nothing about when we first moved in. But without any attention from me these lilies bloomed and floated on the surface of the water with unbelievable colors and a certain ‘mystique.’ The podiatrist who had owned the home for years and his yardman had done a wonderful job with the backyard, including installing the pond. It wasn’t long until I discovered that there was some maintenance involved, but not an overwhelming amount. And the added bonus was that I then had an excuse to go and buy water plants and my little dogs had an excuse to bark constantly at the resident goldfish. (By the way, do not overfeed the goldfish.)

Don’t have a pond? You may not need much more than a children’s plastic pool sunken into the ground, camouflaged with large stones and plants at the top. And what is involved in the care of aquatic plants? First of all, aquatic plants are not planted into the usual potting soil. That would most probably create the disaster with much of that potting mix floating out and up to the surface. Instead use a heavy clay loam or buy soil especially made for aquatics. 

Plan on a location where the water lilies get at least 5 hours of direct sunlight daily. Tropical water lilies should be planted into pots that are at least 10 inches in diameter so that the plant has room to grow. You can purchase “fabric pots” or use black plastic pots. I kept my lilies in their little plastic pots and they did fine. Fill the pot about half full of heavy loam clay-like soil and then add 2-4 fertilizer tablets. You will find that the water lilies will do much better with frequent fertilizer...


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