Take care when buying seed

Take care when buying seed

When it is just too cold, too wet, and just too nasty outside to plant in your yard or garden, get thee to a nursery that sells seeds. Just standing there and looking at those racks of colorful seeds and dreaming of the garden you could have should make you feel better.

When purchasing packets of seeds, there are two things to check on. First, be sure that the seeds are fresh. There should be a label on the packet somewhere that reads “Packed for sale in …” Make sure it is a current date. Second, when deciding between several sources for the same kind of seed, look at the number of seeds each company offers in its packet. Just like with boxed products of any kind, the lower-priced packet is not always the best buy.

All of the large seed houses supply fresh, reliable seeds of high quality. There are also many new small specialty seed companies that sell through seeds catalogs of their own. Check their reputation online before investing in more than a few seed packets. A few well known, established seed companies are Park Seed Company of South Carolina, Burpee & Co. of Pennsylvania, Comstock from Connecticut and Stokes Seeds of Buffalo, N.Y.

In “Making More Plants” by Ken Druse, you read that propagation comes down to the seed. “Shake a few seeds into the palms of your hand and behold the essence of creation. This dazzling feat of packaging compresses all the genetic information necessary to reproduce an entire plant, plus opportunities for travel and often, some sustenance for the journey,” he wrote.

He adds that a seed is one of nature’s most ingenious gifts. One of the most compelling reasons to sow seeds is the acquisition of a startling new plant for the garden. Seeds can be shipped around the world with not much trouble, and most seeds are very low cost. Why don’t you try seed planting this year if you have never tried it before?Joette is an avid gardener and prides  herself on staying up-to-date on the latest gardening activities and tips. To share your gardening news with Joette, call (409) 832-1400 or fax her at (409) 832-6222. Her e-mail is joreger [at] msn [dot] com.