Alter Bridge continues to bring their 'A' game

Photos by David Block

If any current active rock band sounds better than Alter Bridge, I’d love to hear them. Touring in support of their fourth studio release, Fortress, Alter Bridge put on one helluva (as we say in the South) sold out show at the House of Blues in Houston on April 15.

I stumbled upon this band some 10 years ago when they played a small club in Beaumont in 2004. Not many people were there, but the only reason why I went, then, was because I was, and still am, a big pro wrestling fan. Alter Bridge had recorded the single “Metalingus,” which was used as the entrance theme song to WWE wrestler Edge. I was anxious to hear the song and leave, but the more they played, the more I liked.

Fast forward to 2014. Alter Bridge has become a well-oiled machine as the lineup in 2014 hasn’t changed one bit — Myles Kennedy (vocals, guitar), Mark Tremonti (guitar), Brian Marshall (bass) and Scott Phillips (drums).

It’s amazing that four musicians, who also play in other bands, with Myles doing his thing with Slash, and Mark, Brian in Scott having a place in Creed (let’s not forget Mark’s solo project, Tremonti), can keep a strong, fluent sound and remain so cohesive both on stage and in the studio.

The new record was well represented as they opened the show with “Addicted to Pain” as well as performing four others from Fortress and they did a great job selecting an 18-song setlist that included all the hits, plus a stripped down version of “Watch Over You.” The encore was a treat as it featured Myles and Mark dueling it out with guitar solos. I was really surprised to hear them play “Metalingus.” I’m selfish about that one, so it was an added bonus.

And one of the most impressive traits about Alter Bridge is the fact they don’t need a gimmick to go over with their fans. It’s straight up rock music that never gets old.

Click HERE to view concert photos via photographer David Block.


Addicted to Pain

Find the Real

Come to Life

Cry of Achilles

Brand New Start

Ghost of Days Gone By

Ties That Bind

Waters Rising


Broken Wings

Farther Than the Sun

White Knuckles



Watch Over You

Open Your Eyes


Calm the Fire

Rise Today