The amazing David Liebe Hart comes to Texas

The amazing David Liebe Hart comes to Texas

Entertaining. Artistic. Intelligent. Puppeteer. Spectacular. Just a few words that describe David Liebe Hart, who will be performing in Texas this week including stops in Beaumont, on Wed., April 13 at the Victoria House and in Houston on Thurs., April 14 at Warehouse Live.

As seen on Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job, David Liebe Hart is packing up his puppets, and guitar, and singing his classic songs, which he wrote after meeting with a Korendian alien, ghosts and a pickle man, such as "Salame," "Pickle Man and Mr. Moose," "Go Into The Light" and many more.

Forget what you have heard about Howard Stern's infamous "Wack Pack," because none are as entertaining as the great David Liebe Hart.

I had the honor and privilege to speak with David and it turned out to be one of best (and extraordinary) interviews in my Earthly life. We talked his love of trains, mermaids, sasquatches, politics and he gave me some very honest relationship advice. Plus, he sang for me.

Catch David Liebe Hart:

-Wed., April 13 - Victoria House (2110 Victoria St.) - Beaumont, TX (SOLD OUT)

-Thurs, April 14 - Warsehouse Live (813 Saint Emanuel St) - Houston, TX ($12-$15), 7 p.m. Click HERE for tickets.

Give the interview a listen. Trust me. You won't be sorry!

You can find David on all the social media outlets as well as