Believe in a thing called The Darkness

Believe in a thing called The Darkness

Musical geniuses of The Darkness will grace us with their presence on Tuesday, April 19 as the strapping lads of Britain perform on the Back to the USSA Tour at the House of Blues for an all ages extravaganza. 

Unless you have little to no taste in music, let me remind you The Darkness delivered us here in North America the album Permission to Land, which featured the beautiful song “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” in 2003.

But Justin Hawkins (vocals, guitar), Dan Hawkins (guitar), Frankie Poullain (bass) and Rufus Taylor (drums) are more than that three minute and 36-second jewel. They went on to release three more masterpieces including their latest in Last of Our Kind, which was produced by guitarist Dan Hawkins.

As I was prepared questions for Frankie Poullain, who named his bass the “brown bastard,” Dan Hawkins took over the interview. 


In a world filled with war, political corruption, among other things, along with a very corporate digital music industry, how do you feel when many call you "modern day music heroes?" 

Hmmm, it makes me want to put on some green tights, some pointy shoes, rub some mud on my face, pick up my lute and become a minstrel. I would wander from village to village performing free for anyone who would listen and then, (having escaped capture and torture by the realm for spreading heathen messages of love), sadly die of starvation.


What kind of stage shenanigans and outfits can we expect on the "Back to the USSA Tour?" Any help with the design?

The usual. This season we are going with Electric pink/Avery themed look. There are outfits that makes us look a bit like a birds of prey and outfits in pink that represent the birds food i.e. worms. With this in mind, yes we could probably do with some help.


Describe the small of a woman's back...

The bit we are aiming to please when we write songs.


Describe your relationship with "the brown bastard?" 

Because I have taken over this interview from Frankie (I am Dan) I would say my relationship with The Brown Bastard consists of having it turned down on a nightly basis.


Last of Our Kind seems bloodthirsty masterful. How much braver can the band even get with the next record? 

Much braver. We simply don't give a fuck anymore and this seems to be where we are at our best!


Developed any "must have" food cravings in the USSA? Specifically the South - since you are doing two shows in Texas and one in Louisiana. 

Ethiopian Sauce. On literally Everything.


House of Blues – 1204 Caroline, downtown Houston

Tickets: $25-$45 via Ticketmaster

VIP package: £50 (that’s pounds)

Opening acts: RavenEye, Catch Fever

Doors: 7 p.m.