Carman - Jefferson Theatre

Carman - Jefferson Theatre

Pioneering contemporary Christian recording artist Carman returns to the stage once again after a life-threatening battle with cancer. He presents a brand new concept, appropriately named “CinemaSonic Experience” — a concert, movie, play and crusade all in one.

Surrounded by six giant LED screens, Carman will bring people out of their seats and rolls back the clock. It’s an evening of miracles; the first is seeing a man who’s led over a million people to Christ shake off certain death to once again dazzle the crowds.

Carman was diagnosed in February 2013 with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer of the blood that deteriorates the body’s bones, literally eating them away piece by piece. He was given less than 18 months of productive life to live — and that was more than three years ago.

The new CinemaSonic Experience Tour highlights new music as well as tunes from Carman’s 40-year catalog of music. Songs like “The Champion,” “Witches Invitation” and “Who’s in the House” are presented in an entirely new and creative way. 

This tour, Carman wants to do something special for children in pediatric cancer units. He created a “Prayer Bear”—an adorable little stuffed bear wearing a cute blue T-shirt that says, “SOMEBODY’S PRAYING FOR ME.” These bears are made available at his concerts so anyone who gets one can put their name, info and a personal message on that bear. They will then be given to children in cancer pediatric units along the tour route. Each child will know who sent the bear and have the opportunity to communicate or say thank you to the very person who got it for them. 

The event will take place Saturday, Oct. 29, at the Jefferson Theatre at 7 p.m. General admission tickets are $10, Gold Circle seats are $25 and select VIP tickets are $100. Tickets can be purchased online at