Dirtyphonics - a new definition of Electronic Dance Music

Dirtyphonics - a new definition of Electronic Dance Music

The EDM is in full swing but one group has etched out their own mark in the genre — French quartet Dirtyphonics. Their “Irreverence Tour”comes to Houston on April 19 at Stereo Live in support of their first full debut record Irreverence on fellow musician’s Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records.

Forming in 2004, the foursome of Pho, Charly, Thomas and Pitchin have combined the elements of electro, dub, drum and bass, which help gives them a fresh and unique sound in the latest EDM phenomena.

We caught up with Charly before the beginning of this tour that also includes a performance at Coachella.

How as the process heading into this debut full-length album?

We have been thinking about making a full album for a couple of years now. We have been very busy, so we haven’t had a chance to work on the album at certain times. We have felt like, especially in the EDM format, that the full album format was disappearing a little bit. A lot of people were and are doing just singles and EPs, but we wanted to have this medium and have the opportunity to go a little further with the music. With four of us in the group, it was very important to throw all of our influences in and play with all different tempos without having any boundaries. We wanted something that would tell a story on a bigger format and it was interesting, yet awesome to do.

Was it easy to throw ideas around being four members of an EDM group?

We all come from a metal background, so we knew what it took to merge with four different people. When we were teenagers, we all played in bands. We all had the same energy so it felt natural. The process was the same whether we were playing guitar or bass. There was laughing and fighting, but when we starting jumping around, we knew had something special.

One of my favorite tracks on the record is ‘Stage Divers.’ Any one particular track a favorite of yours?

I don’t have a favorite. I love these songs for different reasons and that’s why those 10 tracks were chosen for this album. I can’t say I like one more than another, but I love the combination we have put together. All of these songs have a story behind them.

What can fans expect when they see Dirtyphonics live? Most EDM fans are used to just seeing one person on stage.

This isn’t your usual EDM DJ show. I’m not dissing any solo DJ show. It’s four of us together on stage making the music and we are also brining our bass production. We interact with each other and interact with the crowd. It’s totally different. The stage is a big playground for us. A lot of DJs are solely focused on their controllers and not focus on the crowd. We like to focus on the crowd and feed off their energy.

Twitter: @dirtyphonics