It seems this is only the beginning for the band Civil Twilight, but the band has literally traveled the globe to get where they are at today — on the way to stardom.

From Cape Town, South Africa, brothers Steven and Andrew McKellar along with Richard Wouters decided some six years ago that in order for them to be successful, they would need to leave Cape Town for Los Angeles.

Once there, the three-some began playing just about everywhere, including a restaurant, just so they could scrape up enough money to pay rent.


To say Danny “Boone” Alexander and Rehab has seen its ups and downs would be a huge understatement. Origins of the group date back to Warner Robins, Georgia, in 1998 when Alexander met Jason “Brooks” Buford during a stint at a rehab facility, hence the band name, then later joined up with Denny “Steak knife” Campbell.