Puddles Pity Party


Puddles is more than just your average 6-foot, 7-inch clown. No, he doesn’t appear at carnivals, circuses or make animal balloons; he’s a sad clown who doesn’t speak yet has one of the best singing voices to ever grace a stage. Plus he has a strange addiction to actor Kevin Costner.

Circa 1998, Puddles began singing in bars in Atlanta then appeared on several Adult Swim late night television shows on the Cartoon Network and performed with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The sad sap even opened for the Eels in 2013. Then came the ultimate — a viral video.

Puddles teamed with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox in 2013 to record the song “Royals,” by Lorde. The video literally exploded on the Internet and has more than 13 million views.

Puddles has taken his act, properly titled Puddles Pity Party, which has turned into a cult sensation, on the road and his show will stop in Houston at Warehouse Live (813 St. Emanuel St) on Sunday, June 28, at 8 p.m. for an all ages show. Tickets are $32-$28 available online at warehouselive.com or at the venue.

Though he doesn’t talk, The Examiner was granted an interview with Puddles via e-mail, and we were able to find out a little more about the gentle giant who possesses a powerful voice.

Puddles, you would rather sing than talk, hence the e-mail interview. Have you never been a big talker?

I used to talk some, but I always ended up putting my foot in my mouth. That’s a mighty big foot.

Your cover of ‘Royals’ went viral on YouTube, whatever viral means. Why do you think that song was a major hit? Every cover/video I’ve seen from you is outstanding.

‘Royals’ is a great song about outsiders, and I think a lot of people can relate to that. Also, Postmodern Jukebox is one foxy band.

You sing a wide variety of tunes, so do you have a set list before going on stage, or is it whatever comes to mind?

I know what songs I’m going to sing and a few other bits and bobs. I like the audience to guide me the rest of the way.

Do you sing any ‘happy’ songs such as Pharrell’s ‘Happy,’ Garbage’s ‘Only Happy When it Rains,’ McFerrin’s ‘Dont Worry be Happy’ or is that too cheesy of a question?

Sure! I sing ‘Happy Birthday’ all the time. There is no happier song than ‘Happy Birthday.’ I don’t care whose birthday it is. Also, I love cheese.

If you’re so sad, why does music bring out the best in Puddles?

It’s therapeutic, man. I have feelings in me that I gotta let out. And music picks my lock.

Why is Kevin Costner No. 1 in your heart?

C’mon, Chad. He’s the modern day Gary Cooper. Nobody can rock a pair of khakis and pop a collar like Costner.

Any chance on original music in the near future from Puddles?

I just collaborated with my pal Sxip Shirey while in Australia. Should be available this autumn.

I heard a rumor you can really eat an entire onion in 15 minutes.

I once ate a very large onion in 13 and a half minutes — in my sleep. I literally sleep-ate an onion.

Is there a happy ending for Puddles?

What kind of publication is this?