Twisted Throttle at Dylan's Port Arthur Jan 13

Twisted Throttle

The newest rock band to emerge from Southeast Texas is Twisted Throttle, and the four-some will perform at Dylan’s in Port Arthur on Saturday, Jan. 13, at 8 p.m. The lineup features female vocalist Mindy Tompkins alongside Aaron Williams on guitar, Ben Sanders on bass and Nathan Currie on the drums. 

“Our goal with this project was first, to have fun, and second, to build a song list from scratch,” said Currie. “With Mindy’s vocal abilities and Aaron’s guitar mastery, we’re able to perform songs that you won’t hear at other shows. Sometimes when we’re rehearsing, despite many years of playing with many bands, I still smile and can’t believe we’re playing some of the music we have on the list. It’s a real treat, and I don’t think any of us have been this excited about a project in a long time.” 

Twisted Throttle will cover artists like Heart, Boston, Guns N’ Roses, Sheryl Crow and Van Halen, as well as blues artists Beth Hart and Joss Stone.

“The variety, uniqueness of the song list, and high-energy makes a Twisted Throttle show interesting and fun to watch,” said Williams, who is known in the area for winning the Guitar Gods competition from rock radio station Big Dog 106. “We like that the audience doesn’t know what’s coming next, and a lot of times we might not either.”

Williams’ guitar heroics mesh well with Tompkins’ lead vocals. She’s been a fixture in the local music scene in recent years. Even with the unusual number of musical virtuosos around the area, her vocals stand out.

“I’ve played all over the nation, on the road and off, and I’ve never heard vocals like Mindy’s,” said Currie. “I knew when I heard her sing the first time that I wanted to be in a band with her.”

Along with the great song list, the band regularly brings a “big concert” attitude to each show they do.

“We want every show to be a showcase, not just another show,” added Currie. “That’s why we’ve been limiting our club appearances, and instead, focusing on festivals, rallies and bigger events.”

Dylan’s is at 8601 Ninth Ave in Port Arthur. For more information, view (409) 722-1600.