Winger still wingin'

Winger still wingin'

Kip Winger and the boys of Winger are back with a brand new 10-track album titled Better Days Comin’, due out tomorrow on Frontier Records.

Of course, everyone knows Winger — the New York City rockers who gave us songs like “Seventeen,” “Headed for a Heartbreak,” “Can’t Get Enuff,” which are tunes that are etched in the pages of rock history.

This is Winger’s first new music since Karma (2009) and sixth studio record, which is surprising since the band has been around since the late 80s. Regardless, Winger is Winger, so you better pay attention.

Lineup includes Kip (bass), Reb Beach (guitars), John Roth (guitars) and Rod Morgenstein (drums).

It may be cliché, but right off the bat, “Midnight Driver Of a Love Machine,” takes me back to their first and second releases, Winger and In the Heart of the Young, respectively, which both, by the way, went on to achieve platinum-selling status. I helped with the process by owning the cassette tape versions. You hear the vintage riffs of Beach along with Kip’s vocals and it’s game on.

Now Kip may not be able to hit the high notes like he once did, you can’t expect him too, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

My absolute favorite is the title, “Better Days Comin’.” Maybe because it feels “modern,” I don’t know, but it belongs on the radio. I love the chorus, the funkiness, everything about it.

If you love the vintage Winger ballad, “Ever Wonder” will do it for you. It feels like you get two songs for one. Pure genius.

I got three words for ya,' - GO BUY NOW

With Karma, Winger got back into the game. Continuing with Better Days Comin’, they hit it out of the park.


Track List

Midnight Driver Of a Love Machine

Queen Babylon

Rat Race

Better Days Comin’

Tin Soldier

Ever Wonder

So Long China

Storm in Me

Be Who You Are, Now

Out of This World