The Big Lie

In this space last week, we expressed regret at the timidity of Beaumont Independent School District superintendent-in-waiting Dr. Timothy Chargois, who did not see fit to instruct his attorneys to remove an ill-gotten clause in his contract granting him an automatic pay raise despite the stated objections of virtually the entire BISD board. The board’s outside counsel Tanner Hunt allowed the clause to somehow slip into the contract. Assuming Hunt wouldn’t take such an action on his own, we have to wonder who could have ordered such a thing. Actually, there is only one likely suspect in this not-so-mysterious mystery, and the sooner Dr. Carrol “Butch” Thomas leaves the building for good, the better off BISD will be.

At that point, we hope Chargois will step up and overcome the failure to lead that has characterized his tentative tenure to date, perhaps understandable while the man who selected him for the job and doubled his salary is still sitting at the head of the table. But when Thomas finally leaves — with yet another bundle of cash bestowed on him by the very tame BISD board — it will be time for Chargois to step up.

A good place to start is the removal of those ridiculous signs proclaiming BISD is one of the Top 10 school districts in the country. No sane person believes this nonsense promulgated by Thomas’ hand-picked minister of propaganda, Jessie Haynes. They still think if they tell a big lie often enough, eventually people will believe it

It is especially cruel for students at Austin Middle School, where a giant banner proclaims the lie daily for motorists passing by on the interstate. In fact, Austin Middle School’s 2011 ranking was 1,720th out of 1,889 in Texas. BISD was 460th out of 953 districts in the state, but still the big lie of Thomas and Haynes persists, all attributed to some online “magazine” unknown to legitimate educators that delivered the ranking in exchange for access to BISD vendors who were pressured to buy advertising in a magazine you’ll never see on a table in your dentist’s waiting room because it only exists in the cyber realm – and in the propaganda machinations of the current BISD regime. Chargois must take a broom and sweep this trash out of the schools and declare a commitment to truth in advertising.

Another occasion of sin is the misinformation surrounding a retirement “Extravaganza” for Butch, which involves not a big lie but a series of smaller ones. They said it wasn’t going to cost taxpayers a dime, but that was never going to be true and they knew it. Something called the Beaumont Area Alliance for Black Student Educators is now in the driver’s seat, but any accounting of how much public money is being spent will not occur until far in the future – if ever.



Everyone that is expecting

Everyone that is expecting Dr. Chagois to come in and step up to the BoT needs to keep in mind that he is hired by the school board. Rocking the boat too much is a good way to be shown the door. Before we blast him when he doesn't do and say what we want him to, we need to ask ourselves if we would risk a $200k salary and a respected position in the community if it came down to it.

I'm not saying it's an excuse, but it is what it is.

Yeah, and Gwen Ambres is damning people before City Council

Yeah, she did.

BISD Trustee Gwen Ambres went before Beaumont City Council this week and said "DAMN THE DETRACTORS". That means me, maybe you. I guess since I don't agree with the school boards decisions to extend Calvin Walker's contract, and to turn their nose up at the two million in restitution from the Feds to make up for what Walker STOLE FROM THE TAXPAYERS that makes me a "DETRACTOR".

You know what Gwen, I used to support you guys. I defended you and other members of the board when racist made disgusting attacks on the board and Dr. Thomas in our local online paper when no one else did. I voted for the bond issue. I'm proud of the new schools we have here in our town.

But I'm ashamed of you, Dr. Thomas and the Board of Trustees. I'm ashamed of the lies, the deception and the way you and your fellow Trustees Woodrow Reece, Zenobia Bush, and Terry Williams make decisions based on race. You did because logic didn't support why you would keep on a contractor who had stolen from our children.

Yeah, you did. And they showed at it at the last school board meeting and you and Zenobia, in a disgusting in your face rant, said it. Outright, nothing to read between the lines.

And then you have the nerve to go before OUR CITY COUNCIL AND DAMN ME? A citizen of this town? A taxpayer?

No lady, DAMN YOU.


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