Hypocrisy of Gov. Rick Perry

In football, the term “H-back” is generally applied to a very athletic individual who is pretty much an all around utility player. He can occupy many positions and is usually considered one of the better players, not particularly at one position, but very useful at several.

Unfortunately, when referring to our governor, Rick Perry, the “H” does not stand for a skilled player; it simply stands for “hypocrite.”Perry’s record of hypocrisy is far too long to be told in a single article. Nonetheless, I will try to hit the high points, which should qualify him for hypocrite of the decade.

The most common connotation referring to hypocrites usually is a religious one. The first thing that comes to mind with our governor, who now claims to be such a wonderful Christian, is the fact that in the year he earned more than $2 million, he very generously gave his church $90. This brings to mind another point of hypocrisy defined in the Matthew, Chapter 6, which reads:

“And when thou prayest thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the street that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you they have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into the closet and when thy has shut the door pray to thy Father which is in secret and thy Father which seeith in secret shall reward thee openly.”

It does not sound like the Good Book recommended praying along with 30,000 people in a football stadium. And I am certain it does not recommend claiming such an event to be non-political on the eve of announcing you are running for president of the United States.

I have serious doubts about the sincerity of a politician who rails openly about the federal government trampling the individual rights of citizens by forcing them to provide themselves with health care so their fellow citizens will not be obliged to do so. The same politician sees nothing wrong with requiring teenage girls to submit to having a vaccine administered to them.

Another source of hypocrisy is to ask that we do not like he does but simply do as he says. Here is a fiscally conservative governor who requires not one but two private chefs, lives in a $10,000 a month mansion, who condemns welfare mothers for receiving a small stipend to feed their children while he is giving away multiples of millions out of a state-sponsored slush-fund to undeserving folks.

Then there was the Gov. Perry who was about ready to secede from the Union until it became public that he said it, all while condemning the feds for giving away tax dollars out of Washington. The same Gov. Perry took about $16 billion of that old dirty federal money and claimed he and his conservative policies had balanced the Texas budget.

I wonder about his Tea Party buddies who keep yammering that the United States ought to follow Texas’ example and require a constitutional balanced budget amendment. They and Perry claim that a balanced budget is the key to new jobs and fiscal responsibility. Oh, by the way, I wonder if his Tea Party buddies understand that in just a decade under the leadership of Rick Perry, Texas has started using deficit spending to fund our highway program. Under Perry’s brilliant conservative leadership, the Texas debt has grown from zero under a series of Democrats to $11.9 billion and is still growing.

Then there is the Tea Party mantra concerning ownership of private property. Perry was willing to trample over the rights of farmers and ranchers to see his dream of a Texas corridor running from North to South Texas in the form of toll roads, which were basically a giveaway to a huge Spanish corporation who would have made billions in profits. Oh, yes, of course there is the brilliant strategist Rick Perry, who claimed to have a revenue-neutral repeal of the corporate franchise tax to be replaced by a business tax that has fallen woefully short of replacing the lost revenue. Perry was told by a fellow Republican, a former comptroller of the state, that his tax plan would leave the state $500 billion short every two years. Ignoring this advice, Perry suavely predicted his spectacular growth of Texas’ economy would more than make up for his shortfall on rates. He was wrong. The ex-comptroller was exactly right. That’s why we were over $20 billion in the hole last session. That’s why good old Rick who purports to be for quality education has shorted the school children of this state by over $4 billion.

While claiming to be a man of the people, Perry stonewalls open government, refusing to let the state tell how much he spends on state security while traipsing around the world trying to find more contributors for his various political campaigns. He also was found at fault by the state auditor for the lack of transparency in his multi-millions in giveaways out of the Technology Fund to his rich buddies.

Last of all, but not least of all, Perry holds forth about how proud he is of putting the “kibosh” on greedy lawyers. Perry has supported every measure to trample the rights of workers, to close the doors of the courthouse to people seeking justice from a jury, and has pretty much jumped like a frog at every suggestion of his biggest campaign supporter, Bob Perry the homebuilder. Even Republicans finally gagged on the Perry plan to keep people from being able to adequately complain about shoddily built homes by Perry. The Homebuilders Commission, which was merely a phony deal to protect sorry builders, was finally dismantled by the Legislature because of the public outcry of its basic unfairness.

My question is, how much longer will smart citizens put up with dumb/hypocritical behavior on the part of somebody like Rick Perry?

Carl Parker has practiced law in Port Arthur since 1958. He is a 1958 graduate of the University of Texas School of Law. Elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1962 and the Senate in 1976, Parker continued to practice law while writing and sponsoring hundreds of bills that became laws relating to every aspect of life in Texas, including many regarding consumer safety.