Letter to Editor August 11, 2011


As written in its Mission Statement, BISD is charged with enabling children to lead a well-rounded, successful and happy life. With this in mind, Mr. (Woodrow) Reece, (BISD Board of Trustees president) and Mr. (Tim) Chargois were remiss in their explanation regarding the continued display of BISD’s “recognized” signs without qualification. They proposed that it would make the children “who worked so hard feel good” about themselves. Though success is measured by different standards, the truth is not. Blending the lines between truth and fiction is detrimental and can lead to a false sense of accomplishment and entitlement, and thus, directly contradict the mission BISD has placed on its educators and educational leaders.

Unfortunately, life is often unfair, and things don’t always pan out the way planned. Children must be aware that the outcome of a situation not only depends on what is done as individuals, but can also be affected by others. But when children are taught deception, they learn to practice deception. In one way or another, our choices, our actions and attitudes bear strongly on the future. Is this the lesson that BISD would engrain in its students?

Such erred logic has led BISD to be embroiled in its present situation with taxpayers and the law. Covering up the truth behind a matter and sweeping it under a rug appears to have become the norm. The district must surely realize that camouflaging reality doesn’t change it, and that it has direct influences on the lives of so many. BISD should be mindful that it clearly sends out wrong signals to all, especially those young ones with impressionable minds. It is not good, and it is not right. To be honest to our children and to the public, the gentlemen must first be honest with themselves. One, then, might wonder who actually would have benefited from this proposal, if not the children? No district is entitled to be boast recognized scores when it is not. BISD is no exception and must stop fabricating excuses. All people on either side of the issues plaguing BISD must stop and wonder. Could it be that the distorted reasoning expressed by these gentlemen who are entrusted with the well being of our children is directly responsible for the grand scale of disillusionment in our community and the charges lodged against district leadership? It is quite possible that BISD is its own worst enemy.

Liz Lovoi Welch


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