Letter to The Editor August 23, 2012

Letter to The Editor August 23, 2012


You did a tremendous job of exposing the despicable, dishonest behavior of Syam, Myra Jones and Diane Broussard in this week’s The Examiner (Aug. 16-22, 2012; page 6). Because of your work and effort, and that of your staff, this will encourage the “non-believers” to contact the IRS and begin the process of repairing the damage that has been done through this hoax. Most importantly, it will spread the word and discourage others from becoming involved, saving them invaluable hours of legwork, phone calls and worry. With your resources, you have achieved what we at the BBB could not, and for that I give a most sincere thank you. Scam-inflicting individuals are vile. Preying on the elderly and financially challenged is the epitome of shameful.You are appreciated!

Michelle Brewer, Operations & Education Foundation coordinator, Better Business Bureau in Southeast Texas



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