No excuse for animal cruelty

No excuse for  animal cruelty

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you.”— Job 12:7 

Likely, if one were able to ask the dogs, cats and other animals at the Port Arthur Animal Control, they would say the conditions there have been cruel and inhumane for some time. And it would be no surprise if these living creatures would rather die than suffer at the hands of those who seem to have such a callous disregard for innocent creatures that have done nothing more wrong than to become a stray.

This week, The Examiner exposed the horrors it uncovered in Port Arthur and is now calling for a criminal investigation into what even the police department has documented as “cruel.”

Leaving animals to rot in the back of a pickup truck in the sweltering Southeast Texas sun not only shows a lack of decency, but it is also dangerous and unsanitary. But what is even more unforgivable is locking animals in cages without food or water and forcing them to endure the smell of the decaying carcasses piled just a few feet away.

One would think that society would be better than that, but it certainly isn’t the case with Port Arthur Animal Control. And when the inhumane treatment was pointed out to the employees of that department, they were more concerned about filing trespassing charges against a reporter than they were about the half-dozen cats and other animals they had left overnight in cages for hours without food or water.

Regardless of whether the people reading this editorial consider themselves animal lovers, surely everyone can agree there is no excuse for what has been found in Port Arthur.

There is only one way to describe the conditions at Port Arthur Animal Control, and that is “horrific.” While Port Arthur’s city leaders are outraged over what has been uncovered, the investigation into the animal control division must go beyond some simple administrative review. It is the hope of this newspaper that the city manager will enlist the help of the Port Arthur Police Department to ensure those responsible for the mistreatment of these animals are brought to justice.