Open letter to Gov. Rick Perry

Dear Rick,

Please come home. Texas needs you! It appears very unlikely that you’re going to receive the nomination as a Republican candidate for president of the United States.

Furthermore, the further you go, the worse it seems to be. Your latest television advertising effort to unite Americans against gays and accusing President Obama of starting a war against Christmas and Christians seems to have flopped. Thirty-five thousand people tweeting you that they do not appreciate your ad should give you a clue. While having a short-term forgetfulness is one thing, some folks think your memory lapse of forgetting one of the three main points of your campaign is a sign of early dementia.

Other folks are asking why a macho” guy like the Texas governor, who can shoot a coyote between the eyes with the pistol he carries, needs to spend almost $1 million of taxpayer money having security follow him everywhere he goes while on his private campaign.

We believe some of your other positions probably haven’t helped. Being so very proud of the fact Texas has executed more prisoners than any other state raises questions about your commitment to the value of human life. Others are wondering where you have learned there is no such thing as global warming when every reputable scientist in the world has confirmed it. Even though you have done your best to be a loyal Republican, you probably have blown any hope of getting much support from your friends in Congress after proposing to cut their pay in half. Many of us had hoped you’d make a comeback over in New Hampshire, but it appears that no longer is very possible in view of the fact you didn’t know the voting age or the date of the upcoming election.

We also hoped your macho foreign policy ideas would help boost you back to the top of the Republican leader board, but your ideas seem so far off that you even lost the support of Michelle Bachmann when you suggested that all funds to Pakistan be cut.

One of the reasons you need to quit this foolishness and come on back to Texas is that several Texans are beginning to be a little embarrassed that the rest of the United States seems to be snickering and asking why we Texans would have voted for you for so long. Several things have happened that are not good for Texas while you’ve been on the campaign trail elsewhere. A substantial part of our state has burned up. There are even some people who claim global warming caused the drought that in turn caused the fires. We need you back home to straighten those folks out.

Even though your future predictions of a booming economy making up for the shortfall of $5 billion a year from your margin tax hasn’t worked out, those in education are trying to make do. Teachers are pleading, hat in hand, for donors to contribute in order to assist with needed supplies in schools. I have to admit that the austere budget you approved last session is not helping your image as a job creator. School districts have had to layoff about 100,000 school personnel, about 40 percent of whom were teachers.

I know several of your advisers are urging you to continue on your presidential quest because you have several million dollars left in your campaign war chest. I would suggest, however, a better use for that money would be for you to return to Texas and announce for some other office and spend all that money in Texas rather than million dollar television ads in Iowa which don't seem to be working.

Please come home.

We miss you!


A Texas voter

Carl Parker has practiced law in Port Arthur since 1958. He is a 1958 graduate of the University of Texas School of Law. Elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1962 and the Senate in 1976, Parker continued to practice law while writing and sponsoring hundreds of bills that became laws relating to every aspect of life in Texas, including many regarding consumer safety.