Beto returns to Beaumont

Albert Nolen

Man of the hour … Rep. Beto O’Rourke came to town Thursday, May 31, for a fundraiser dinner in his honor and packed the Beaumont Civic Center with supporters. Cocktails were the first thing on the agenda, with Cade Bernsen taking the stage to introduce the honored guest. Russ Waddill also welcomed the enthusiastic crowd to a huge round of applause. Gold sponsors Bernsen Law Firm, Ferguson Law Firm, Provost Umphrey and Reaud, Morgan & Quinn were elated with the turnout and the support from the many guests. In the mix were JoEllyn and Donald Jowers, Meredith Bernsen, Elizabeth Waddill, Christina Crawford, Jeff McManus, James Mathews, Melanie Dishman, Justin Nelson, Shawn Jacob, Henry Kellison, Lindsay and Justin Sanderson, Bo Alfred, Megan Mejia, Faye Woodsmall, Cherry Woodsmall, Irma Lynn Thomas, Rick Lord, Becky and Larry Hunter, Allie Parry, Cynthia Schwartz, Barbara McIntyre, Ann Seastrunk, Martha and A.W. Hancock, Adrienne Bell, Carolyn Guidry, Mark Sparks, Tim Ferguson, Joe Deshotel, Marie and Donald Floyd, Chris Parker, Katherine Campbell, San Janetta Barnes, Kate and Rod Carroll, Jess and Jay Prince, Shawn Hare, Dinah and David Bernsen, Lindsay and Baylor Wortham, Ayna and Pat Parsons, Marilyn and Gilbert T. Adams, Misty and Gilbert Adams and too many more to mention.

Clay, fire and water … John R. Alexander, owner of J. Alexander Pottery Co., will host his first official opening exhibition of 2018 on Saturday, June 9, at 7 p.m. This series of pots and other works on exhibit will be focused on the beauty of the material that he works with, and how simple things like clay, water and fire can produce a piece of art.

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