Coronation Ball signals the end of 2018 NRF

Albert Nolen

The NRF Queen and her court … Queen Neches LXX Jordin Bourg, daughter of Vonnie and Eric Bourg and a senior at West Brook High Schol, was crowned queen Saturday evening, April 14, at the Julie Rogers Theatre in Beaumont. Her royal court consisted of First Lady-in Waiting Katherine Leister, daughter of Laurie and Curtis Leister and also a senior at West Brook High School; Second Lady-in-Waiting Lillian Sachitano, daughter of Marilyn and Thomas Sachitano, a senior at Hamshire-Fannett High School; and third Lady-in-Waiting Hannah Chaudhury, daughter of Laurie and Trip Chaudhury, a senior at Monsignor Kelly High School. Grand Duchess Sarah Martin of the Duchy of Houston is a senior at St. John’s School. The participants in the festival voted for Mary Grace Bloomfield as Miss Congeniality and Robert Greg Bowling as Best Escort. Caroline LeBlanc and Yasin Ahmed were both awarded the Otho Plummer Scholarship at Lamar University. The princesses, duchesses and escorts spent a whirlwind week of activities during the Neches River Festival such as learning about the history of the Neches River and how it benefits our fair city, attending a pool party, participating in panel judging, a picnic, parade, Get Acquainted Party (where they dressed as their fav celebrity couple), the royal coronation and the NRF ball, as well as a farewell brunch. These future city leaders had impeccable manners and for all involved, there was nothing but rave reviews about their attendance and behavior at every event, so congrats! NRF princesses were Taylor Aaron, Audrey Albanese, Sara Asta, Rani Bentlely, Zoe Berke, Morgan Brisco, Morgan Brown, Carly Burns, Desiree’ Carreon, Abigail Drago, Jasmne Flowers, Olivia Fuselier, Madeline Genuardi, Kristen Goudl, Jayla Guillory, Emily Hale, Sydney Hardy, Marleigh Harken, Megan Harlan, Makayla Harris, Kaitlyn Hill, Karah Jackson, Diana Kirkmon, Caroline Kirschner, Lily Knowles, Mallory Latil, Caroline LeBlanc, Rebecca Lee, Hannah Martin, Madison Miles, Sarah Morrow, Tina Nguyen, Anna Catherine Norman, Kaylie Overstreet, Elizaberth Peeler, Ellen Radford, Lyrique Redea, Heaven Relford, Ashley Reynard, Livia Stahl, Kendall Stewart, Kennedy Stoker, Maryclaire Strassburger, Allie Thorpe, Brooke Umphrey and Kiana Williams, duchesses Katherine Berman, Emeline Birdwell, Marsha Brau, Abigail Breed, Natalie Doucet, Virginia Fielder, Baylee Flowers, Carolyn Holmes, Caroline Kunetka, Croline Laine, Kylie Lockhart, Olivia Runnels, Gabriella Uribe-Enloe, escorts Bailey Braneff, Samuel Beard, Alexander Bahrim, Mitchell Breaux, Beard Samuel Beard, Braedon Bland, Thomas Burbank, Richard Benoit, Bryan Brown, Jr., William Burbank, Cory Brydson, Quentin Brau, Cameron Buckhout, Sebastian Brau, Joshua Capps, Grant Carrell, Cullen Dickerson,Harris Downer, Tripp Daleo, Cody Ellliott, Dylan Essex, Mason Garza Anthony Giblin, Jacob Gonzales, Tyler Gonzalez, Emmanuel Grandeza, Nicolas Gregory, Jordan Greer, Garrett Halbert, Akyron Harris, Jordan Hiner, William Henges, Jackson Harlan, Logan Henke, Austin Isabell, Nick Johnson, Kristopher Kelley, McKinley Kent,Todd Legendre, William Leister, Sameul Mazratian, Jonathan Miller, Cameron Montgomery, Kyle McDaniel, John Oliverio, Chris Phelan, Walker Reese, Steven Rideout, Jarell Richmond, Will Saba, Harrison Salter, Nicolas Shanning, Joseph Shanning,John Steinman, Audre Thomas Jr., Tobie Springer, Audre Thomas Jr., Victor Thornton, Peyton Toups, Hank Traylor, Lanny Vanskike, Parker Weinbaum and Jared Young thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Neches River Festival. Kudos to the NRF volunteers who gave at least a year of their time coordinating this wonderful event, beginning with Social Chair Gillian Jenkins, President Will Jenkins, Social Chair Elect Michele Smith, royalty coordinator Tonya Toups, princess chair Julia Matheny, escort chair Ashley Bryan, duchess chair Camille Ohmstede, princess interview chair Blair Foxworth, duchess interview chair Julie Biggart, duchess escorts and honor guard chair Amy Maloney, junior attendants chair Taylor McSpadden, ball chairs Lindsay Gibbs and Lindsay Zummo, coronation chairs Laurie Kent and Bonnie Tortorice, ball reservations chairs Jessica Hallmark and Christi Lawdermilk, coronation director Tammy Anderud, President and Social Chair Party chair Casey Winslow, Kings Arrival and Media Party chair Karen Babineaux, Kings Dinner chairs Johnnie Broussard and Emily Broussard, “Swans and Stags” party chair Stephanie Daleo, parade chair Emily Wheeler, Get Acquainted Party chair Bethany New, Premier Party chairs Sarah Frasher and Ellen Phelan, Morning Coffee chair Amy Lovoi, Queen’s Luncheon chair, Kara Wied, Farewell brunch chair Gina Crenshaw, royalty flowers chairs Lula Potter, Macari Potter and Kate Potter, publicity chair Mellie Bevilacqua, invitations chair Jenna Junell, portfolio and T-shirts chairs Jessica Brown and Kate Davis, accessories and wardrobe chairs Stacey Crenshaw and Odile Silva, Knight recruitment chair Ayna Parsons, royalty signs chairs Tiffany McKenzie, and Kelsey Reynolds, scrapbook chair Betsy Jenkins, community relations chair Christina Crawford, and the incredible Molly Moore, NRF executive director. Looking forward to NRF 2019!

Candles and cakes … Belated best to Carli Ard, Jason Lynch and Christian Louis. Champagne toasts to Sharon Passmore, Carly Baker, Becca Darbonne, Adele Wells, Lacy McMilen, Mike Mitchell, Bill Allison, Clint Woods, Jill Fortney, Lauren Lewis, Kalon McMahon, Allison Getz, Belinda Hickman, Rodney Ames, Amanda Fontenot, Kendall Hanson, Randy Carrillo, Jimmy Kaiser, McKayla Hernik, Scott Tibodeaux, Jim Fiorenza and Julie Norcio.

Until the next RSVP!