Out and About: What a way to set up the Fourth of July holiday!

Albert Nolen

Musical weekend … Starting Thursday evening at the Event Center, the City of Beaumont once again hosted Jazz at the Lake with Jimmy Simmons followed by The Flava Band. Several hours of magical music was enjoyed by a large group of jazz lovers. Swaying to the sounds of the talented musicians were Virginia and Ralph Jordan, Nancy Cook and Randy Heydenburg, Rozanne and Brian Blount, Scott Holtmyer, Velma Martin, Susan Simmons, Dean Cornwell, Lenny Caballero, Bobbi Wied, Catherine Armstrong and Kit Ohmstede, to name a few.

Saturday night fever … The Toby Keith concert was a smashing success at Ford Pavilion. If you were one of the fortunate one to have VIP tickets, you were able enter Ford Park through a different gate and then go through a thorough well check (very well orchestrated), on to an air-conditioned tent and then to either near stage seats or a choice box. Having a terrific time were Brenda and Randy Weber, Sherri and Jeff Branick, Kelly and Kevin Smith, Mary and Brian Orsak, Rene Garza, Roger Clemens, Kari and Lance Marchand, Rachel Landers, Mandy Stutton, Ryan and Pam Broussard, Robin Broussard, Sharon and Kevin Meads, Chenetra and Alan Boyce, Heather and Jeff Kilgore, Monique and Harvey Steinhagen, Marc McDonald, Briana and Brody Lafitte, Jenna and Chad Bryan, Coleman Frazier, Miller Frazier, Patti Warren, Cindy Jeanis, Eddie Parks, Chelsea Flitcraft, Stacy Jeanis, Ashley Bradley, Chris Gaughan, Daniel Osborne, Mark Nelson, Brooke Vernon, Britt Godwin, Rachel and Jason Dragulski, Vanessa and Tom Broussard, Jade Rayburn, Paula Hayward, Cami and Luke Clement, Chuck Mazoch, Barbara Nelson, Lori and Carl Griffith, Kelly and J.D. Davalos, Pati Cure and Alan Cramer, Lisa and Brent Coon, Angela Dodson, Melissa Cornwell, Collin Cornwell, Paisley and James Ware, Molly Moore, Dwight Moore, Traci and Casey Gates, Jason Whitney, Patrice Thibodeaux-Ortego, Carol and Donald Hearn, Jo and Mike Bienvenu, Maureen and Dean Winchell and too many more to mention. How appropriate to have such a fantastic event at Fork Park’s 15th anniversary! Congrats!

Wine and music … Wine Styles was the venue, also Saturday night, for the sultry sounds of Katie Celli accompanied by Roby Whitney and Debbie Pallone with musicians Robert Kramer and Mickey Rouse. Enjoying the terrific tunes and wine and nibbles were Amber and Gerald Reidmueller, Taryn and Chad King, Ashley and Will Carter, Emily and Jeff Wheeler, Kay Ellen and Justin Huff, Frank Celia, Jennifer Gordy, Misty Goodridge, Tara Landry, Lauren Rodrigues, Pat and Bob Bunyard, Chris Pallone, Lindsay Snyder, Pam Lockler, Lindsay Coleman and Callie Gallier. Stay tuned to find out where these talented folks will be performing next!

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