REcreate helps revitalize downtown scene

REcreate helps revitalize downtown scene

Carnival of the Arts … A virtual delight for the senses, REcreate is a vibrant creative cultural event staged in historic downtown Beaumont that was first held last year, and by the looks of last Saturday night, doubled in size this year. More than just a fundraiser, REcreate began as an idea by co-organizers Grace Mathis and Lorena who did an incredible job keeping the entertainment, events and libations flowing for many hours throughout the evening. The historic Hotel Beaumont (celebrating its 90th birthday) and the Jefferson Theater played host to the fantastic style shows taking place not once but twice throughout the night. Seen in the mix either participating or enjoying the festivities were Karen Corwin, Gladys Thomas, Guy Goodson, Natalie Cardona, Kevin Peyton, Carlo Busceme III, Nathan Jones, Rusty Hall, Mary Jowers, Ann Creswell, Tessa Carmichael, Thomas Hall, Kara and Zach Hawthorn, Connie and Paul Szuch, Marc McDonald, Darrell Troppy, Sandra Hammerling, Evelyn Sibley, Laurie Pfeifer, Jimmy Johns, John David Roberts, Michael Getz, Nancy and Larry Beaulieu, Virginia and Ralph Jordan, David Dishman, Vic Reyna, Nathaniel Welch, Jimmy John Akink andEvelyn Sibley, and too many more to mention! So many are looking forward to REcreate 2013!

Jazz and Java … The window to make reservations is closing for the Lamar University Alumni Jazz Night at Rao’s (Dowlen location), scheduled for Thursday, July 26. Jazz entertainment from LU students will be live at this LU alumni-owned business. Reservations are required by July 20, so call (409) 880-7984.

Cool dining … Foodies were thrilled to learn that the A/C was cooling nicely this past weekend at Finch Hutton as they enjoyed the fine dining experience. Noshing and quaffing at this popular Mid-County boite were Monique and Harvey Steinhagen, Sherry and Rick Weaver, Johnnie and Joey Broussard, Jeff McManus, James Mathews, Stephanie and Shawn Figari, Landon Steinhagen, Kim and Roy Steinhagen, and Elizabeth and John Miller, to name a few. Word has it the joint was so crowded Saturday evening they stopped taking reservations.

Every loyal … The Beaumont High School class of 1962 reunion will gather at the MCM Eleganté on Saturday, July 26. If for some reason classmates have not made reservation, contact Barbara Tipton Young as soon as possible.

News of I do’s … Many have tried but only one fantastic lady, JoAnna Maria Wortham Parkus, was able to get the dashing Dr. David Parkus to say “I do.” Congrats to this incredible couple!

Candles and cakes … Belated best to Annie Dishman, Jeremy Schmitt, Kathi Hughes, Haylee Faggard, Nathan Cross, Tressa Clarke, Annie Orchard andTiffane Nguyen. Birthday wishes to Robin Gerhardt, Ayna Sehgal, W.L. Pate, Brenda Oliver Vessel, Brandi Crawford, Jay Brady, Sharon Mason, Dinah Bernsen, Susan Gordy, Charles Davis, Debbie Tortorice, D-Ray Clark, Will Ohmstede Jr., Linda Gaudio, Don Dodd, Jeff Williams, Virginia Henderson andKathy Sibley.