Temple Emanuel presents Rosinger Humanitarian Awards

Albert Nolen

Community spirit 

Last Thursday evening, around 40 tables with over 300 guests filled the Event Centre for the Rabbi Samuel Rosinger Humanitarian Award dinner hosted by Temple Emanuel. For this fourth year of the award, two very deserving community leaders, Jerry Nathan and Joe Domino, were the honorees. Temple Emanuel President Allison Getz and her committee Cheryl Barenberg, Beverly Hay, Ania Bender, Mindy and Jay Eisen, Wayne Margolis, Emily Wheeler and Cynthia Wolf welcomed the many guests to the wonderful evening. Guest speaker Chihiro Sugihara related the inspiring story of his grandfather, Chiune Sugihaara, a Japanese consul in Lithuania who risked his life to save more than 6,000 Jews by defying his government’s orders and issuing transit visas for refugees to leave the country. Listening intently to the speaker and honoring Nathan and Domino were Joy and Will Crenshaw, Iris Nathan, Buffin Reynolds, Lee Golias, Linda Domino, Miriam and Jim Thompson, Marsha and Lewis Hoffer (in from Austin), Betty and Hal Clarke, Jo Vance, Tootsie and Buddy Crutchfield, Sandra Clark, Karen and Ray Fontenot, Katherine and Bill Fouts, Betty Greenberg, Sherry Horwitz, Alan Sampson, Paul Hay, Carol and Donald Hearn, Mark Kubala, Rita and Vijay Kusnoor, Laurie Leister, Barbara and Alan McNeill, Delores and Ronnie Moye, Kay and Bill Neild, Gay and Bill Scott, Melissa and Steve Parks, Kathryn and Patrick Phelan, Beverly and Carl Parker, Pat Klein, Cinnie and Lip Norvell (also in from Austin), Judy and Ralph Knight, Michael Wolf, Ellen Rienstra, June and Robert Robertson, Elaine and Don Shellenberger, Cathy and Steve Shoemaker, Susan and Jimmy Simmons, Gail Williams, Paige Windham, Karen and Bob Wortham, Dorothy Yentzen, Sally and Randy Lombardo, Magda Villereal, Becky and Chuck Mason, Paula and John Lovoi, Gloria and Charles Locke, Miriam and Bill Johnson, Judy and James Black, Donna and Denny Harris, Rachel, Nancy and David Grove, Ruthie and Claude Gidroz, Marilyn and Ed Gripon, Natalie Greenberg, Lee Ann and Terry Garth, Jessica Garth Whitney, Melissa and Stephen Cornwell, Scootie and Joe Clark, Becky and Rodney Ames, and too many more to mention.

It’s a go 

Green Light Kitchen Americana held its soft opening last Friday evening, Oct. 20, in the new hip, ultra contemporary concrete and glass-walled building with lush, landscaped patio. This will soon become the see-and-be-seen boite when Kayla and Scott Fisher open for dining this week. Raving over the new West End digs were Mandie and Garrett Peel, Sierra and Jefferson Fisher, Vanessa and J.B. Peel, Bobby Beaver, Will Jenkins, Kristi Dodd, Melinda James, Corbin Quinn, Sandy and Joseph Fertitta, Natasha and Colin Garrett, Jennifer and Chris Burch, Lindsay and Randon Clark, Kayla Falke, Mike Albanese, Melinda and Tom Cormier, Kathy Fisher, Sally Wilson, Andrew McClusky, Carrie and Jonathan Haskett and many more.

Spooky fun

The Art Museum of Southeast Texas will host Family Arts Day: “Eat a Bug” on the grounds and in the museum this Saturday, Oct. 28, beginning at 10 a.m. This fun day is free to the public and will have so many art related activities available to children of all ages. There’s also the 40th annual St. Anne’s Halloween Carnival with this year’s theme being Forty Fangtastic Years. The carnival festivities go from around 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Preceding the carnival, partygoers are invited to the spaghetti and bingo event Thursday, Oct. 26, at 6 p.m. in St. Anne’s cafeteria. And for our friends in Mid-County, there’s the Nederland Chamber of Commerce annual Trunk-R-Treat on Tuesday, Oct. 31, from 5:30-8 p.m. on Boston Avenue from 15th Street to just past Windmill Museum.

Candles and cakes

Belated best to John Huber, Denise Smith, Jeff Wheeler, Stephanie Figari, Willard Clark, Jan Pierce, Charla Davidson, Albert Williamson, Jerry McMillan, John Pat Parsons, Brandi Claybar, Mike Berryhill, Bob Edson, Martha Bruce and Casey Crenshaw. Champagne toasts to Linda Anderson, Kerry Bennett, Mary Kirby, Kim Moncla, Christine Stetson, Kelli Trevino, Mary Claire Benning, Cullen White, Ben Bommer, Frank Oberle, Dana Babineaux, Betsy Hines, Miriam Johnson, Neri Sotolong, Johnnie Broussard, Hal Bean, Colby Crenshaw, Cecile Phelan, Tracy Bean, Tracy Mehaffy, Cynthia Goehringer and Glenn Watz.

Until the next RSVP, happy Halloween happenings!

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