Annual Fall Plant Sale sets records

plant sale

Our master gardeners are keeping us busy this fall. Just a couple of weeks ago at the Jack Brooks Regional Airport, they set records with the number of folks who came to the annual Fall Plant Sale. And this is with good reason. Their plant options are numerous and varied.

We can always find a nursery that sells the same old plants. There is certainly nothing wrong with the tried and true options for our yards and gardens, but every once in a while it is just fun to search out the unique. The Fall Plant Sale never disappoints. You could find master gardeners around explaining and selling plants of all kinds: citrus, Texas Superstars, fig trees, bulbs, veggies and more.

There are those plants that we all love and are familiar with, but there are also those plants that we can never find. This year’s sale found people lined up for hours to get the first pick. Local gardener Gary Soileau has the distinction of being the very first in line. He got there at 6 a.m. Non-early birds needn’t worry though; they always plan to have plenty of plants for even the late risers.

The Texas A&M Agri-Life Extension Agency works closely with our master gardeners. They sure know what they are doing when it comes to plants, trees, landscaping, bugs, soil and all things “garden.” These experts would like to remind you that you, too, can become a master gardener. Master gardener status involves enrolling in the MG class and completing volunteer hours. The next course is coming in January 2016, so you can plan early.

Also, if you have questions like, “Why aren’t my fruit trees producing?” or “What bug is eating most of my plant leaves,” you can give the Agri-Life office a call. Just call (409) 835-8461 and you will be directed to the person with an answer or one who will find the answer for you. The master gardener group is not only smart, but they are also social. There are lots of opportunities for you to meet new people as you are learning.

Don’t forget the Golden Triangle Citrus Show on Nov. 20 from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Agri-Life auditorium in downtown Beaumont, 1221 Pearl St. Featured speakers are citrus experts Robert Saldana and Jim Hearn of Texas A&M and B.L. Childers, local citrus expert extraordinaire. For $10, you can enjoy the fun, the speakers, snacks and door prizes. Call the Extension Agency if you have citrus that you would like to enter into the contest. You could be the winner this year.