Annual Fruit and Vegetable Show

Annual Fruit and Vegetable Show

Do you have a special tomato or pepper plant that you think is a real winner? Maybe your granny passed down a special recipe for canned preserves or processed herbs that you think are way out of the ordinary. Canned pickles, tomatoes, peppers and their fresh counterparts are welcome at the 43rd annual Jefferson County Fruit and Vegetable Show this Saturday, June 13.

Just head on over to Central Mall in Mid-County at the edge of Port Arthur with your entry. Anyone can enter! You could come home with a ribbon or prize. Entries are received from 9 a.m. – noon. Judging will begin at noon. If you just want to go have fun, you can watch the judging or come in time to see the winners shortly after noon. 

Each and every year for 43 years, the Texas A&M Agri-Life Extension Service, Jefferson County Horticulture Committee, Jefferson County Master Gardeners Association, Central Mall Merchants Association and area nurserymen sponsor this very popular event. If you want any more information, just call (409) 835-8461 or (409) 727-2191.

Internet sites like The Old Farmer’s Almanac, The Lazy Gardener, Aggie Horticulture or Texas Gardener are wonderful sources for the beginning gardener. When gardening fever hits, you just want to grow something — anything. To offer encouragement to those who have had a few failures in the garden, consider these words of wisdom: The difference between good gardeners and bad gardeners is understanding a few basics of growing plants. You keep getting more chances to get it right in gardening since every day can be a new start. The best gardeners are optimists.

You have heard it before, but good things rarely grow in poor soil. Plant in containers or raised planting beds, or add some good soil to an area and spade it in before you drop any baby plants into the ground. As they say in Texas Gardener, “Spend a dollar on your soil before you spend a dollar on a plant.” Make sure the area has good drainage. Give lots of sunlight to areas that will be used to grow most veggies and fruits and herbs. Try to plant a mix of varieties of a plant. For example, plant two or three varieties of tomato and see which does the best. If you are new to gardening, just plant a small area. Keep weeds at bay every day and avoid an overgrowth problem.

Even if you are not a gardener yet, you can be. And maybe next year you will be entering your special prize into the fruit and vegetable show.


Joette Reger is an avid gardener and prides  herself on staying up-to-date on the latest gardening activities and tips. E-mail joreger [at] msn [dot] com; on Facebook, search “Gardengate with Joette Reger.”