Bull reds running the rocks

Buddy Oaks photo

Rayburn is good for bass and crappie. On Toledo Bend, catches of catfish on trotlines and jug lines are very good. The bass fishing there has been improving with fish up to six pounds being caught on jigs and Carolina rigged worms fished along shorelines in 3 to 5 feet of water.

On the saltwater scene, catches of trout and slot reds are still pretty slow on Sabine Lake. Ditto that for Calcasieu. But if you want to catch something big, head to the Sabine or Cameron jetties and soak fresh cut mullet or cracked crabs on the bottom for bull reds. A good number of sheepshead are still being caught at the Sabine jetties. Windy days, along with high and muddy water, had things pretty messed up along the coast last week. The water temperature is 66 degrees on Sabine Lake, and 64 at Rollover Pass.

Guide Buddy Oaks reports that fishing on the Cameron jetties is pretty consistent for bull reds. He says the best baits are cracked crabs and Berkley Gulps fished on bottom near the end of the jetties. Oaks also reports that the trout bite has improved on the north end of the lake on Hackberry Hustlers fished on 1/8 ounce jig heads. Best colors are pumpkinseed/chartreuse and salt/pepper.

TPW makes changes in East Texas deer hunting regs

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has adopted changes to this year’s deer hunting regulations that includes creating additional deer hunting opportunities in East Texas.

The changes include:

• Allowing the take of antlerless deer without a permit on certain U.S. Forest Service Lands during youth-only seasons in the Pineywoods.

• Eliminating the Antlerless and Spike-buck Control Permit due to lack of demand.

• Defining “unbranched antlered deer” to clarify what constitutes a legal buck across seasons and to alleviate confusion among hunters, and replace the “Special Late Antlerless and Spike-buck Season” with a “Special Late Season” to accommodate the inclusion of “unbranched antlered deer” in the bag limit.

• Clarifying that white-tailed antlerless deer harvest during the archery-only season does not require a permit and harvest of antlerless deer during youth seasons is restricted to persons 16 years of age and younger including on properties issued Level 1 Managed Lands Deer (MLD) Permits.

Deer poacher caught on trail camera

Game wardens caught a man for trespassing and deer poaching after the landowner captured evidence on game trail cameras he had placed on his property after multiple trespassing incidents. The landowner forwarded photos of the suspect, his vehicle and a harvested white-tailed deer to game wardens. The landowner also had pictures of the suspect with a gun and deer stand walking on his property and of the suspect loading a deer into a truck. Several cases are pending against the individual, who does not have a hunting license.

Road kill deer are not legal to pick up

A Red River County game warden got a call from a Clarksville police officer about a man with a deer in the bed of his truck. During the investigation, the warden discovered the young suspect had unintentionally hit the deer with his vehicle, circled back to pick it up and then taken it down the road and disposed of it illegally. The suspect then used the gearshift from his manual transmission to strike the deer over its head to kill it. After discussing what the young man should have done if he was worried about the deer suffering or the meat going to waste, the warden issued tickets and warnings for possessing white-tailed deer parts taken from a public roadway, illegal means and methods for taking game, possessing deer in a closed season and untagged deer. The meat from the deer was salvaged and donated.

Don’t dart the blackbuck

Texas game wardens filed charges against a Comal County man for hunting an exotic animal from a public roadway without the landowner’s consent. The man allegedly shot a blackbuck antelope with a tranquilizer dart containing a controlled substance — Telazol — while purportedly attempting to steal the antelope from a gated community. Several charges were filed including three Class A misdemeanors (hunting an exotic animal from a public roadway, hunting an exotic animal without the expressed consent of the landowner, and possession of controlled substance penalty group 3) and one Class B misdemeanor (attempted theft of the blackbuck antelope).