Folsom Walking Trail a great addition to the city

Folsom Walking Trail a great addition to the city

I have been following the progress of the new Folsom Walking Trail with much anticipation since reading an article by Kevin King back in April 2013 in The Examiner. Kevin let us know that “plans to construct a hike and bike trail alongside Folsom Drive and between Major Drive have taken steps forward.” The City Council at that time approved parking and access to the easement for construction and was looking for lowest bidders to get the job started.

Well, it is now complete! Please go and try this new stellar walkway. You can run, walk or bike. The trail is about two miles long and has a generous 10-foot-wide concrete sidewalk cutting through and around a retention basin. It not only gives Beaumont a new place to get some fresh air but also solves a big water drainage problem to boot. You are on a nice concrete sidewalk, but your walk takes you into a great outdoor area.

From the trail, you’ll see a variety of plants growing. There are rich natural bog growths where there is standing water. There are wildflowers along the path in the areas with good water drainage and lots of sun. All along the walk are little water flows and natural plants that love growing naturally where they are. There are wild grasses blowing in the wind and Southeast Texas natural beauty everywhere you look.

The trail runs along Drainage District No. 6 property. Look for little creeks here and there and small ponds that are rich with the ecology of our part of the world. You have an opportunity to cut up a little path (great for mountain biking) to an elevated area if you want to get a slightly different view of the city. Older couples, runners, a cyclist or two, and two young families with children were all using the trail when I was there a few days ago.

It might be fun to compare Folsom Walking Trail with the Gulf Terrace Hike and Bike Trail (adjacent to the Cris Quinn Soccer Complex). The walk at Cris Quinn area is a little longer and one wonderful huge circle that calculates to 3.6 miles long if you park on Dishman Road. The walk at the new Folsom Walking Trail is winding and has a different feel, and will give you 2.8 miles of walk. The Gulf Terrace Trail was so popular that the city decided that we needed another trail. You will love them both.

Great places to walk or jog and enjoy the plants and trees along the way in Southeast Texas include the Gulf Terrace Hike and Bike Trail on Dishman Road and Wuthering Heights Park at 3650 Delaware. And we can’t forget Cattail Marsh, which is adjacent to Tyrrell Park. Here you can walk the levees and see a variety of flora, fauna and birds of the area at the same time. This complex is located adjacent to Hillebrandt and Willow Marsh bayous. The area is more than a square mile. Slip on those tennis shoes and go!