Plan now for spring garden

Plan now for spring garden
Plan now for spring garden

Ok, I’ll admit, it has been just nasty outside lately. But as we optimists know, this just gives us a little time to plan for our springtime yards in the better weather to come. Let’s think about using this time to decide what we could do better this year. Or maybe we can use this time to dream about new areas of our yard that we could develop. Maybe we could get rid of a little bit of lawn and replace it with something much more earth-friendly.

There’s something about a new year that makes us all a little optimistic. This is the perfect month for dreaming about our garden. It’s the perfect month to start ordering seed catalogs and gardening books. Just find that perfect warm spot in your home and spend some time reading and dreaming about what you can do outside later.

If you just can’t sit still, this is the perfect time to put trees and potatoes into the ground. You could also brave the cold and get outside with a paper and pencil and draw your yard. If you measure and put in dimensions and think about how you may want to change things this year, you are two steps ahead of us all.

If you have never grown vegetables or herbs, you could think about where and how it would be possible for you to try. Containers are a beginning. You could even go buy some garden tools during this inclement month and think about the areas that could be spaded up and enriched with good soil and planted come spring.

This the time to order seed catalogs! Some great seed catalogs that you can order are Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (, W. Atlee Burpee & Co. (800-333-5808), Seeds Of Change (888-762-7333) and Tomato Growers (customerservice [at] tomatogrowers [dot] com).

Don’t forget the wonderful Seed Savers Exchange (, a non-profit organization that focuses on saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Members support this group with the purchase of seeds. Another great resource is Victory Seeds ( They are interested in rare, and heirloom garden seeds. They grow and save seeds and research heirloom varieties.

Our local nurseries are also a veritable wealth of information. Those garden store employees who are sometimes too busy to talk during the spring, have time to share some info with you during January. 

For your calendar

There’s a free rose seminar Saturday, Jan. 17, in the Garden Center Building at Beaumont Botanical Gardens from 9-11 a.m. The address is  6088 Babe Zaharias Drive, Tyrrell Park. The public is invited free of charge to this seminar, which will cover everything you need to know about roses in Southeast Texas. Sponsored by the Golden Triangle Rose Society.


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