Fun, sun, and summer sands close to home

Bolivar Peninsula

The Bolivar Peninsula is a 27-mile stretch of beautiful coastal land with the Gulf of Mexico to the south and the Intracoastal Waterway extending the peninsula’s entire length to its north.

The peninsula, which is rich in history, is named after South American hero Simon Bolivar, who led South and Central Americans to fight for their freedom against Spanish rule. Natives once inhibited the area as Bolivar explored the land, as did Cabeza de Vaca and pirate Jean Lafitte.

Bolivar has since turned into a well-loved tourist destination famous for its beaches, fishing, birding and more.

A trip to Crystal Beach on Bolivar Peninsula is not complete without stopping at The Big Store (2385 Highway 87). From 1-1/2 inch screws and 1-1/2 inch T-bone steaks, the popular business literally has anything your looking for, including camping supplies, and opens at 7 a.m. every day of the week.

The beaches of Bolivar Peninsula are unique in that vehicles are allowed to drive on them and park as well. Those who just want to spend a few hours on the beach can do so. Yearly beach parking permits can be purchased from just about any local store for $10 per vehicle.

Wanting to brush the sand off your feet? Check out Fun Town Water Park at 995 Noble Carl in Crystal Beach that features two water slides and a lazy river. Fun Town is open seven days a week. Call (409) 684-1755 for more information.

Another spot for eats and treats is also located on Highway 87 — Rita’s and Cream. Open Tuesday-Sunday, cool down with a large variety of Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Blue Bell Ice Cream, malts andshakes, and grub on some pizza and wings. Adults can enjoy flavored ‘ritas and daiquiris.

Dive into the history of Fort Travis, which was the first fort established by the Republic of Texas to protect the Galveston harbor entrance. Located on the western end of Bolivar near the ferry landing, Fort Travis Seashore Park was named after William B. Travis, the commander at the Alamo.

The fort was constructed in 1898 and was used to defend the Port of Galveston and later saw more than 2,500 troops stationed at the location. Today, the park sits on 60 acres and includes a seawall, playground, picnic area and military history.

Bolivar Peninsula is also known for numerous bird sanctuaries. Prepare to see nearly 200 species of birds including roseate spoonbill, avocet, warblers, and great blue herons, sandhill cranes, osprey and crested caracara.

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