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In what has become a murderous week for Port Arthur detectives, detectives are working on the city's seventh homicide of the year and the third since last Saturday after police discovered Quanita Benjamin shot to death in the 400 block of Duane.

However, according to a source close to the investigation, it appears the shooting may have been accidental, but police are continuing to investigate. 


Orange County Sheriff Keith Merritt announced this week that he has promoted Clint Hodgkinson to the position of Chief Deputy.


Update: Dwyndell Chase Perrault pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and will serve 12 years in prison. The jury in the second trial of Perrault was in a deadlock - like the jurors in the prior trial - with 11 of the 12 jurors voting to convict him.


Eddie Keller can't even buy a beer legally.

And he won't ever. 

The 20-year-old Port Arthur man was sentenced to three life sentences on Monday morning by Judge Layne Walker for probation revocations in three separate aggravated robbery charges. He still has two aggravated robbery charges pending.

Still two months from his 21st birthday, Keller committed robberies in Beaumont, Port Arthur and Harris County, using a firearm during the robberies.

The Port Arthur Police Department released a statement regarding Keller's stiff sentence.


An apparent dispute turned fatal early Saturday morning leaving one man dead and another young man staring at a lengthy prison sentence.

Port Arthur police arrested 23-year-old Joshua Thomas of Port Arthur and he's facing a first degree murder charge. He's sitting in the Jefferson County Correctional Facility with a $750,000 bond. The shooting took place at 1048 12 St, where the victim, Michael Walker, 48, was living with his girlfriend, who owns the home. Walker, who hailed from Georgia, was believed to be in the area working at one of the refineries.