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UPDATE: Jacoby Holman, a man who police say murdered Trazayre Sanders, 20, of Beaumont, was back in court Monday April 15.


In the air, on the ground from Jack Brooks Regional Airport

There has been some recent confusion about the status quo at the Jack Brooks Regional Airport.

“It’s an airport!”

“It’s a bus station!”

By February 2013, the likelihood is that Jack Brooks will be both an airport and a bus station.


The Orange County Commissioners Court unanimously approved a 2012-13 county budget at its meeting Monday, Sept. 24. The vote came after a budget workshop to make final adjustments earlier in the day. County Judge Carl Thibodeaux said the county will raise about $1.3 million more in total property taxes, or 5.47 percent, over the past year.


Two weeks ago, Beaumont Independent School District Taylor Career and Technology Center Principal Thomas Amons was accused of closing the district’s Adult Cosmetology program because he thought a prospective student might be gay. Cequana Clark, the program’s instructor since 2009, made those allegations even though, according to her, it ultimately cost her the job she loved.


By Clay Thorp and Jennifer Johnson

Staff Writers

Joe Guillory says he’s in a battle to save the less fortunate in Port Arthur from a housing authority that’s immovably corrupt.