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With the Town Lake Centre in Beaumont falling months behind its anticipated completion date, the city is working to find a middle ground with the contractor to ensure the more than $8 million project is done with quality in mind.

The project was awarded to contracting company CF Jordan, based out of Houston, back in April 2010, and was expected to take less than a year to complete, with construction beginning in June of that year. Construction included building a convention center, great lawn and roadway repairs.


HOUSTON—Barry Walter Bujol Jr., a 30-year-old Hempstead, Texas, resident and former student at Prairie View A&M University, has been convicted for attempting to provide material support to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), a designated foreign terrorist organization, Kenneth Magidson, U.S.


HOUSTON—A former Houston physician has been sentenced to 70 months in prison following his convictions for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and mail fraud, United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced today.


One look at the DuPont Beaumont Works Industrial Complex and the hundreds of yards of plastic sheeting covering more than an acre of land to catch water runoff, red and white caution tape cordoning off certain areas and signs instructing people where they can and can’t walk suggest something is definitely wrong.

A chemical spill at the site this past Thursday has yet to be cleaned up and a week later, many workers are still not able to do their jobs as the process unit sits idle while crews decontaminate the area.



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