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In Southeast Texas, “Our man Jack” was known as a devout family man and people’s politician whose name is so revered we’ve used it to adorn our federal courthouse as well as the Southeast Texas airport, but the late Congressman Jack Brooks is remembered with honor in other parts of the country as well.

Brian Foley

As most Americans were sun-gazing during a rare solar eclipse, the cloak of darkness not only shadowed the sun but also emptied the Orange County Courthouse as a skeleton crew of staff and guests haunted the usually bustling halls of justice.

Then, while the moon’s shadow covered the sun and everyone looked to the sky, (now former) Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Foley looked into the eyes of Judge Mandy White-Rogers and pleaded guilty to allegations of indecent exposure.

Julius Bell

A Jefferson County grand jury indicted 17-year-old Julius Bell of Beaumont, Sept. 20, for engaging in organized criminal activity, a state jail felony, after police reportedly caught Bell and two others with items burgled from nearby vehicles last year.

The meeting was held at the Jefferson County Courthouse.
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Tensions flared in the county courthouse during the Bevil Oaks City Council’s public meeting Sept. 19.

Residents interrupted the session with yelling and threats to sue the city if later they were unable to qualify for a FEMA buyout program not yet in place, despite repeated efforts by the city attorney Dru Montgomery to save public comments until the end of the session.

Ward 1 Councilwoman Virginia Jordan

The Beaumont City Council unanimously denied a Specific Use Permit (SUP) that would allow gaming machines at a convenience store in a Neighborhood Commercial (NC) District on Sept. 19, but Ward 1 Councilwoman Virginia Jordan says the machines are already there.