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Police, code enforcement, legal counsel, municipal court personnel, and staffers from multiple city of Beaumont departments affected by a steady swell of game rooms popping up with and without city permitting are unifying their individual experiences in the hopes of tackling the illegal activity that comes with “game room” business operation.

Charles Ryan Venable

A Jefferson County grand jury has indicted Charles Ryan Venable, 35, of Beaumont, for stealing baby formula and baby wipes from HEB on FM 365 in Port Arthur.

June 28, witnesses at the grocery store told Port Arthur police a man in a blue shirt ran from the store with a basket of merchandise that he did not pay for, the probable cause affidavit states.

The officer located Venable in a red Ford sedan behind the Jack in the Box on FM 365.

Ariel Imanol Gomez

A Jefferson County grand jury has indicted Ariel Imanol Gomez, 18, of Port Arthur for theft and aggravated robbery.

July 18 at about 10:04 p.m., Port Arthur Police officers received a report of a robbery and responded to Port Arthur Fire Station No. 1.

A Domino’s Pizza employee told police that she took an order to an address on 15th Street, the indictment states. When she arrived, a man got out of a silver Honda sedan and tried to pay with a $100 bill. The man told her that he did not have change and asked her to meet him at a nearby store.


Linda’s Lighthouse is hosting their second annual back to school event in Port Arthur from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on August 19 at the Kingdom Dominion Church, located at 3600 Memorial Boulevard.


The double murder of 83-year-old Richard Ames and 85-year-old Edna Phillips, who were violently stabbed to death at Ames' Vidor home in 2015, shocked and appalled the small community with the police chief at the time, Dave Shows, describing the killings as "the most senseless, brutal murders" he'd ever seen as a longtime law enforcer.