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Nov. 19, Carleton Edwards, 49, the former Superintendent of the Streets Division for the City of Port Arthur, was arrested on 46 counts of credit card abuse. Investigators with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and the Port Arthur Police Department say he was using a city credit card during his time with Port Arthur.

Edwards is accused of abuse of the credit card during his tenure as superintendent, spanning from July 2014 through October 2015.

High Five 11-19-15

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s assistance in getting dangerous drug dealers and drug users, along with the poisonous products they carry, off the streets. To that end, The Examiner will periodically feature a list of five persons accused of drug-related crimes here in High Five.

“Crime Stoppers and The Examiner are teaming up to fight the drug problem in Southeast Texas,” Beaumont Police Officer Carol Riley of Crime Stoppers said.

Jaylon Trahan (inset) assaulted two educators at Port Arthur Memorial in 2012.

Fridays in the Criminal District Court in Jefferson County is a busy time, even for a courtroom that is always buzzing. The trial docket is crowded with the cases of criminal defendants back for their second or third bite of the judicial apple after they have violated the terms of the probation they had been granted in lieu of prison following their guilty pleas to various felony crimes.

2015 Family Portrait Luncheon

It starts off slowly at first … your mind just doesn’t quite work like it used to. Misplaced keys, forgotten names, memories that defy recollection, all hiccups in the brain we rely upon to make us who we are.

Jeremy Jones

After weeks of fruitless plea bargaining, a trial has been ordered for a man accused of willful conduct that resulted in the deaths of several animals in his care, as well as the severe malnourishment and neglect of others that were rescued when a tip led officials to the man’s doorstep Sept.