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Brad Burnett and Channa LeDoux

Channa LeDoux was well on her way to becoming a high school dropout in 2014. With poor grades, poor attendance and just plain poor, Channa had nothing going for her. Or so people thought.

Nathan Stephens and Hannah Willis

In the early morning hours of Thursday, May 28, a suspected drunk driver plowed into the vehicle of 24-year-old Hannah Willis of Beaumont, killing the young woman.

Engineers and technicians at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver

Testing is underway on NASA’s next mission on the journey to Mars, a stationary lander scheduled to launch in March 2016.

The lander is called InSight, an abbreviation for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport. It is about the size of a car and will be the first mission devoted to understanding the interior structure of the Red Planet. Examining the planet's deep interior could reveal clues about how all rocky planets, including Earth, formed and evolved.


The Beaumont Independent Board of Managers approved a resolution that would satisfy new legislation enacted with SB 149 that requires schools districts to allow students to graduate who have failed end-of-course assessments during a meeting held Wednesday, May 27.

According to the bill’s text, school districts must provide “alternative methods for satisfying certain public high school graduation requirements, including the use of individual graduation committees.”