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Van’s Grocery on Avenue A (top), Shanghai Amusement and Lala Gift Shop

As five Beaumont businesses prepare to answer charges related to illegal gambling following an October 2014 raid, other local proprietors charged with violating a Beaumont ordinance are saying they had no idea the ordinance applied to them or, in some cases according to the city attorney’s office, that such an ordinance even existed at all. 

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Two capital murder cases at the Jefferson County Courthouse this month offer an instructive look at how such cases are handled here.

Dr. John Frossard

What do you know about BISD’s past and how it will help you move forward?

I think I need to understand it to move forward, but a lot of it is in the area of finance, and the Board of Managers has been working on that over the course of the past year, and I’ll certainly continue with that.

We need to get the finances stabilized so we can develop our strategic plan and align our plan to move forward.


UPDATE: The Port Arthur Police Department has released the identity of the woman presumed to have jumped off the Rainbow Bridge in the early hours of May 19.

The victim was 57-year-old Rosalynd F. Casey of Orange. 


The body of a woman presumed to have jumped off the Rainbow Bridge early this morning has been recovered. 


U.S. Attorney John Bales announced Thursday, May 14, that a 66-year-old Hammond, Indiana, resident, who had lived in Vidor, has been sentenced to federal prison for child pornography violations committed while in the Eastern District of Texas.