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Funnel cakes, turkey legs, alligator-on-a-stick. There’s pork kabobs, donut burgers, popcorn and a wondrous variety of fried snacks. Just about anything you can think of to eat is available from more than 75 food vendors at the 72nd annual South Texas State Fair on the grounds of Ford Park, which begins Thursday, March 26, with the 11-day festival of fun ending Sunday, April 5.

‘The Struggle for Prosperity in a Colorless World’

The High Street Gallery will host an exhibition of woodblock prints by Maurice Abelman from 7-10 p.m. on April 17. The gallery is in Victoria House, 2110 Victoria St., Beaumont.

Entry is free, and the work will be for sale. Refreshments will be available at the event.

Kaylee McGilbery, a 15-year-old Hardin Jefferson student, volunteered to paint a

Most 15-year-old girls spend their Saturdays hanging out at the mall with friends, catching the latest movie at the theater or having fun at sporting events. Kaylee McGilbery is definitely not like most girls.

Vickie Seymour, Gift of Life office manager; Charlotte Mains, Gift of Life event

Endorsing the Gift of Life’s mission to save lives, owners of Tri-Con Inc. (dba Exxpress Mart) Imad and Elias Sarkis implemented a holiday giving campaign at their 20 regional convenience stores, generating $22,500 —almost double last year’s campaign to further the Gift of Life’s healthcare and educational programs.


Ready for a road trip? The 56th annual Azalea & Spring Flower Trail began March 20 and continues through April 5. Just head up to Tyler, Texas, and enjoy.

The Azalea & Spring Flower Trail features more than 10 miles of beautiful azaleas, dogwoods, spring flowers and, of course, the ambassadors of the trail, the Azalea Belles.

Azalea Belles are area high school girls who greet guests along the trail while wearing antebellum costumes.