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Growing up on the mean streets of New Orleans as a young boxer wasn’t easy, but looking back, Quantis Graves said he would be nowhere without the sport he loves.

“It kept me off the streets and taught me a lot of discipline,” he said.

Chief Mark Blanton of the Port Arthur Police Department

FBI Part I offenses in 2012 were down by 16 percent in Port Arthur from 2011, according to a report given by Chief Mark Blanton of the Port Arthur Police Department to the Port Arthur City Council on Feb. 5. The FBI designates certain crimes as Part I or index offenses because it considers them to be the major crimes plaguing society in the United States.


Orange County Deputy Rocky Bridges said investigators are still searching for the culprit or culprits responsible for poisoning at least eight dogs reported Jan. 23-24 in the Greenwood Acres Subdivision of Mauriceville.


Donald Bailey spent the beginning of his life doing what he had to do. Now, he does what he loves.

Donald “Doc” Bailey was born in Beaumont in 1949 to Doris and Robert Bailey, and led what he called a pretty typical life for that time.

“I was right on the edge of integration,” Bailey says. “It was a different time back then.”

Bailey graduated from Beaumont’s African-American high school, Charlton Pollard, and then war brought him far from Texas, where he had spent his entire life.


With an undefeated season and a national championship under their belts, the Blue Bulldogs, an under 8 peewee football team in Beaumont, gathered in the council chambers Tuesday, Feb 12, to be honored by Mayor Becky Ames and the Beaumont City Council.

The team is part of the Intermediate Football League in Beaumont, boasting a full staff of coaches and at least 27 players ages 8 or younger.