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Terry Frazier


A Beaumont youth is dead, but police say they’ve caught the man responsible for bludgeoning him to death.

Terry Frazier was indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury July 25, 2013, for capital murder in the death of Aaron John Leffage.

Walter Ryan Moore


A Port Arthur man who held his niece hostage in an hours-long standoff with police has pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and assaulting police officers.



Beaumont’s finest will be on full display this weekend when a new episode of COPS airs on Spike TV. 

Beaumont’s police chief, Jimmy Singletary, said he reviewed the episode and is excited about the airing. 

Bum Phillips


The accolades rolled in last week when Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips tweeted the news that his dad, legendary football coach Bum Phillips, had died Friday, Oct. 18, at the age of 90.

Ines Legarda


When Alyssa Holtzclaw and her 10-month-old baby, Tucker, got into their white Chevy Trail Blazer in the early morning hours of Jan. 16, 2011, her family couldn’t have known it would be the last time they ever saw the mother of three and her youngest child.