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Rebecca Windham reads from her patient journal.

A breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that before 2016 has ended, there will be a total of around 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in women and that about 40,450 women will die. Although these ACS reports seem grim, the trends in breast cancer deaths have been steadily decreasing. Death rates from breast cancer have been dropping since about 1989, with larger decreases in women younger than 50, ACS reports.


Sept. 22, 2016, the Vidor City Council passed a resolution opposing the Orange County Commissioners Court financing, either in part or full, any Texas Department of Transportation roadway.


Beginning at 7 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 1, The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and Port Arthur Police Department's Advanced Accident Investigation Team are closing all southbound lanes at the 69/73 interchange to reconstruct an accident scene. 

There was a fatal accident in which at least one car was engulfed in flames earlier this week, as previously reported by the Examiner. 

Traffic will be diverted to Highway 73 east or west bound during this time. Northbound 69 will remain open for travel. 


October is Texas Archaeology Month, and the Jefferson County Historical Commission is hosting a regional workshop in celebration on Oct. 12 from 2-4 p.m.


This week, Mrs. Ashley Kelly encouraged her students to meld creativity into their science classes.

“They learn so much more when they actually do hands on versus reading from a book," Kelly explained. 

Kelly teaches both seventh and eighth grade science and ninth and tenth grade biology at Community Christian School in Orange, according to administrative assistant Kara Dewberry.

The middle school students wrote biographical articles about a scientist of their choice and dressed like their scientist for the day.