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beer mug

Members of the Beaumont City Council recently met to discuss the possibility of a city-sponsored Oktoberfest event, and at a City Council meeting July 28, took a step in that direction, also talking about the potential for other themed events in the future.

eaumont Fire Rescue responded to a leaking tanker truck.

A tanker truck leaking hazardous material resulted in the closure of several major streets in downtown Beaumont about noon Wednesday, July 29.

Asuspect who was being booked into the jail spat on a sheriff's deputy

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has released video of a February incident at the county correctional facility in which a deputy struck a handcuffed inmate multiple times after she spat on him. The incident resulted in an internal affairs investigation that led to the officer’s unpaid suspension. He is now back at work.

Gulf Shores/Orange Beach in Alabama

Retail stores have already designated space for school supplies, uniforms and other back-to-school goodies. Football, volleyball and band practice begins Aug. 3 for most high schools, but it’s not too late to get in one more summer vacation by taking a trip east on Interstate 10.

Baton Rouge

Michael Hoke uses a net to collect bottom organisms; teachers examine them.

A group of area science teachers embarked on the Big Thicket Association’s 45-foot excursion boat, the Ivory Bill, Friday, July 17, to conduct water testing on Ten Mile Bayou, part of the Big Thicket Preserve.