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Some of the intersections in Old Town got their second layer of asphalt.

Contractors and street crews with the City of Beaumont are working diligently to make promised repairs around town.

Old Town

Lawrence Marks

When the Texas Legislature took the involuntary manslaughter law off the books, it meant that if you killed someone, it was charged as murder. Under the old statute, the classic situation of a guy coming home to find his wife in bed with another man and killing him was seen as not quite murder.

Jesse Branick formally announces his candidacy for Judge of County Court at Law.

As Jesse Branick formally announced his candidacy for Judge of County Court at Law No. 2 on Oct. 8 at noon on the front steps of the historic Jefferson County Courthouse, he was joined at the podium by his wife and one of their daughters and surrounded by numerous family members and friends. 

scam invoice

After years of scattered success scamming citizens, look-alike business directories continue to target small businesses and companies across the country using the Yellow Pages name and walking fingers logo to swindle profits from proprietors, reports the BBB and FTC.

High Five mugshots

1. Kerry Collier is a 25-year-old black male wanted for delivery of a controlled substance. No bond.