‘Immediate Jeopardy’

‘Immediate Jeopardy’

Heads roll over Christus patient restraint snafu


A investigation by state health officials resulted in the resignations of two top Christus managers in Jefferson County. The state probe was prompted by a complaint on behalf of a patient at Dubuis Hospital,  long term acute care hospital (LTACH) facilities operated as a hospital within a hospital at Christus St. Mary in Port Arthur and Christus St. Elizabeth in Beaumont.

Christine Mann, spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services, confirmed there was an investigation: “We did receive a complaint on this hospital and we did investigate.”

Mann told The Examiner the action was “recent” and said, “We just completed our investigation about a week and a half ago, very recently, so no (enforcement) action has been taken at this time.” Until the complaint is resolved, she said regulations characterize it as “private and not open to disclosure.”

Gary Kempf, interim administrator for Dubuis Hospital, was not so reticent.

“We had an issue with some restraints,” said Kempf. “The staff was trying to provide safe care for the patient. They did it the wrong way, there was some education needed. But the state, obviously they take that seriously – as we do – so they gave us an Immediate Jeopardy (violation).”

According to Kempf, patients are restrained “for medical reasons so they don’t pull tubes and drains out, so for patient safety. In order for us to do that, we actually have to do an assessment – a physician has to do an assessment and they have to sign an order within 24 hours.”

The violation that occurred in this incident was that “they just didn’t have a doctor sign the order” said Kempf, who refused to dismiss that as a technicality.

“It’s more of an education thing,” he said. “The nurses actually – as we investigated – really had the patient’s best interests at heart. … They just didn’t follow the appropriate procedures.”

Kempf said he was brought in to resolve the crisis. “I am the chief clinical executive for Christus continuing care, so I do other LTACHs, so yes, I am part of Christus but I don’t live in the Beaumont area.”

Acting almost as a first responder, Kempf arrived on the scene to extinguish the administrative conflagration.

“We had to come up with an action plan within 24 hours and submit that to the state. They had to accept it – which they did – and send it off to CMS. We’re waiting for them to come back and do another validation survey,” said Kempf.

CMS is an acronym for Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the federal funding source that provides critical funding for nonprofit and for-profit hospitals alike.

“Because we license hospitals, we do the complete investigation for the Center for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS),” said Mann, who added she did not know if federal investigators were also on the hospital premises.

Kempf described how this Christus restraint issue was resolved.

“Basically what we’ve done is put an action plan together to address the issues and make sure we’re doing things the appropriate way,” he said. “In the meantime, the director of nursing and the administrator turned in their resignations, and we accepted those.”
Kempf identified the departed employees as Tim Freeman and Troy Picard and said they were in charge of Dubuis Hospital operations at both Christus St. Elizabeth and Christus St. Mary, where the restraint incident took place.



Lord what happend to Dubuis

Lord what happend to Dubuis Hospital? In the last couuple of months, Dubuis has hired new hires with lack of experince, for positions as D.O.N., manages,supervisors. this has made working for this company a living hell, and with all the eratic behaivor this has taken place, morall has been driven down among other employees where employees are pitted against one another my understanding Dubuis has became an hostile work enviroment. this was a place where employees worked as a team and had a level of care for their patients,and their career. today is all about a paycheck.

The lack of professionalism and qualifications has made Dubuis look as if they should not be in opperation.

The fact that Dubuis has hired numerious employees that are white and have not hired any employees from other ethnic backgrounds says that they are quite comforable with practicing racism openly, and to add injury to insult the company is letting go of their most qualified and employees that just happened to be African Americans that live and has served for many years in this community which makes up more than half of the population in it's commmunity.


Sheretta you are the extremely lazy employee posting these lies. You are the employee that called the state and lied about your hard working co-workers that actually do their job. Sheretta you are the cna that does not do her job because you are lazy and not able to do your Job because you are extremely overweight (fat). Patients are not turned or cleaned because you are on break for hours and missing when the patients call. You cannot turn patients because you are not physically fit. After you turn a patient you are worn out and must rest for an hour. The only danger patients were in was from bed sores from you not doing your job. If anyone needed to be reported it was you. I can't believe you reported the people that had to do their work and yours too just because you did not like them. Now you are reporting people for retaliation. You are scum. I hope you come clean. How can you live with yourself.

Straight from Sheretta: I

Straight from Sheretta:

I never denied reporting those nurses to the State and would have gladly done it again. I never made an anonymous post because I dont care what anyone over there thinks or says about me, so I dont have to hide anything I said. I am saying this now, I did my job by reporting what I saw as required by state law. If you have a problem with it then take it up with the law makers, policy makers and whom ever else put the provisions in place. There are consequences for every action taken and I am not responsible for the repercussions. I wish I had that much power to be able to have control over situations as such. You can say I am lazy, well most of the staff there is lazy, you can say I am fat,(there are many fat people that work there), you can say I am seeking a law-suit(I would like to talk to the lawyere who is representing me cause I dont know who he is and what he is doing for me) but one thing you can not say is that I did something wrong. I did not illegally restrain a patient, I did not falsify any documents nor was I the blame for inadequate leadership. So thank you for thinking so highly of me that you would give me all that power, but if I had power as such, I would not have wasted on the likes of Dubuis and its inadequate staff. So I say to you who posted those negative comments about me, last I knew there werent any children working at Dubuis, so be mature enough to acknowledge yourself. Wait let me take that back, there are childish people employeed there and that is the reason y'all are in the boat that you are in, and from what I am hearing: Y'ALL ARE STILL SINKING, SINKING,SINKING. God bless you all.

Sheretta you are the

Sheretta you are the extremely lazy employee posting these lies. You are the employee that called the state and lied about your hard working co-workers that actually do their job. Sheretta you are the cna that does not do her job because you are lazy and not able to do your Job because you are extremely overweight (fat). Patients are not turned or cleaned because you are on break for hours and missing when the patients call. You cannot turn patients because you are not physically fit. After you turn a patient you are worn out and must rest for an hour. The only danger patients were in was from bed sores from you not doing your job. If anyone needed to be reported it was you. I can't believe you reported the people that had to do their work and yours too just because you did not like them. Now you are reporting people for retaliation. You are scum. I hope you come clean. How can you live with yourself.

I think it's a shame that all

I think it's a shame that all the GOOD this hospital has done is being belittled by really one incident and a few OVERWORKED employees. With all the cut backs due to our economy, nurses are expected to care of more patients than they can safely manage. This is the same case here. One employee was laid off due to cut backs along with others not even involved (this plan was already decided long before this state investigations). Patients at Dubuis are more critical than acute (St. Elzabeth or St. Mary's regular patients) and not quite ICU level, but do require ALOTof attention from the nurses. The truth is that Tim was an excellent administrator, he not only cared about the patients, but the employees also.. But he also had a boss, who keep saying make more cuts and do more with less. No one could have done a better job than him at running the hospital. He was a WORKING manager, wherever help was needed HE would help, even it was taking out the trash. More truth to the story, the employee who called state should have followed proper chain of command BEFORE calling state. Now not only is that persons job at stake, but everyone else's as well. Not just Beaumont and port Arthur Dubuis, but Dubuis as a whole. Yes, there needs to be more education, more physicians doing what is expected of them ( this s true of all hspitals) but there also needs to be a better relationship between employees (no matter personal feelings-- the mission in fact is to extend the healing of Jesus Christ and nt a social event)

"Opportunity in Adversity"

Thank you everybody for the time that you all spent writing your comments. A wise man said long time ago --- “let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger”.

As a current Dubuis Associate, I am saddened about this whole situation. I know that the administration is doing their best to put these behind us. In addition to being faithful to our values of Dignity, Integrity and Compassion; focusing on our mission in “extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ” will strengthen us during these challenging times. We need to collaborate for Dubuis to continue to be a place where we want to take care of our patients and for Dubuis to continue to be our employer of choice. I have been with Dubuis for 13 years now and it is a part of my family now. Through the years, I have witnessed countless positive feedbacks and “thank you notes” that always remind me why I belong in this organization.

Furthermore, I see situation like this as an opportunity to be better AND an eye-opener to all of us that we do exist to take care of patients and to respect each other’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

As one poet puts it ... "Success in the affairs of life often serves to hide one's abilities, whereas ADVERSITY frequently gives one an OPPORTUNITY to discover them." (Horace)

The truth is that there was

The truth is that there was more to the story than what is being said and it is not a "lazy" disgruntled employee but a concerned employee who does not agree with all the cover ups that have been going on in that hospital. Truth be told, many of the staff there have no care or compassion for the patients there, and as a result some things are revealed. Say what you want, but those rules and policies and guidelines are in place and if your grandmother was restrained to a wheelchair by a sheet for twelve hours and picked on by staff, wouldnt you want someone to do something. That is the real story, Gary, Troy and Tim all tried to cover things up and things come to light. Christus Dubuis may be a good hospital(which is highly debated among many staff) but they have bad seeds. You are going to be upset with staff for doing their job, and being moral well thats just fine. Its just nice to know that there are people out there that stand up to people who think they are above everything and everyone and tell the truth, no matter what. Truth be told the employee could have told about so many other things that occured like medication mix up, people dying because they are not paying attention to a thing and running to the supervisor so they can cover it up. There is so much going on... I think the employee who told should tell the other things that they have known that have been swept under the rug. These are people lives they are playing with. And what about the other nurses who falsified documentation... what of that. The staff really doesnt care about the patients, they only care about the "PAYCHECKS".

So says that very disgruntled employee

Its clear who posted this

What actually happened ia a

What actually happened ia a lazy disgruntled employee made false accusations against another employee and called the state. Meanwhile hardworking employees are forced to leave and the state protects the lying scumbag.....

So if it was a "false

So if it was a "false accusation", then it would not have gone as far as it did, ...Right? If there was nothing to hide then there should have been nothing to find. And they did find something, in fact they found somethings, so what do you say about that? Why is it that when someone blows the whistle on something, they are always the "LAZY DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE" that is the common epithet when someone unvails the misdoing of an organization. Well find another scapegoat and people need to accept responsibility where responsibility lays. There should have been nothing to have been reported in the first place, because there was an investigation and there were neglible findings. That is a FACT!!! that has been documented.

I'll be glad to answer that

I'll be glad to answer that for you. The reason it went as far as it did is because there are people in the world like you. Want to get pd for doing nothing! When things don't go the way you want them & you know your job is on the line...you call the state & make accusations...that gives you more job security. As for as the leadership at Dubuis, they had people to answer to! They were not capable of doing their job the way it needed to be done, because of their bosses! State came...state investigated & it turned out ok! It's evident the patient was not in harm & if the doctors would follow policy...the order would have been signed in a timely manner! So, if you...aka...the disgruntled, lazy employee...was so concerned about the patients...then you'd told the truth about the situation...instead of trying to blame innocent people. Karma, is real & yes, you're the one who has to face your maker one day...shame on you!

State protects the

State protects the "Patients".



I dont think that employee

I dont think that employee needs your forgiveness, I am almost certain they do not. And what goes around comes aroung, that's why those three are not there and State is all in the buisness. Dubuis is getting what they deserve.

You'll be next

So now your job is jeopardy because I'm pretty certain that since your 3 leaders chose to resign because of THEIR BOSSES' corruption, your working conditions are about to change. You will be made to actually work instead of taking hours-long breaks with your buddies and will be held accountable for the "care" you provide. Stop your lying defamatory words and focus on doing better at YOUR job while you still have it. Hah just wait. Best of luck to you because you'll need it. However, it is well known that you are already scamming the system for so-called and fabricated ''retaliation." You want money for nothing.

Kemph to resolve crisis??? A real crisis can be expected!!!!!

Kemph said himself, he does not live in the area & apparently doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. It's sad that this is the respect that Christus gives to their long term & dedicated associates. They continue to prove not only do they not care about the dedication of their associates, they will do anything to save there own butts. The only thing that Kemph said that had ANY truth to it, is the fact it is an education problem. A problem with him being uneducated & with the physician's. Maybe if the physician's cared about their patients as much as the leadership did, the orders would have been signed in a timely manner. What a great organization Christus Health is. There definitely should be more investigation & it'd be great if the actual truth was reported.

Is this the REAL story??

If you were an employee at this organization, you would see right away, after reading this article, that this is not the REAL story. Our Administrator and Director are GOOD people who resigned in good faith due to a HIGH-LEVEL, Corporate so-called "administrative conflagration"!!! In my opinion, this article is a blatant attempt at defaming our on-site leaders, who, in reality, were burdened and handcuffed by 'higher ups' to the point that they were unable to discipline the PHYSICIANS (who are really at fault for failing to sign restraint orders in a timely manner).

This story warrants further investigation... That is, if you really and truly want to expose the corporate cover-up and conspiracy to defame the only two leaders who had been attempting to resolve this quality issue for quite some time now.

Shame on you, Gary Kempf, for covering your own behind and hanging our only genuine leaders out to dry. What will we do without them? Trust in people like you to lead us? I think not.

The safety net is gone and

The safety net is gone and that is what everyone is upset about.M

One was a forced resignation

One was a forced resignation or an alternative to be demoted and the other two bailed out so there name would not go down with all of this.

How dare you criticize the only 3 people who were actually not

How dare you criticize the only 3 people who actually advocated for YOU, the patients, and all associate! YOU are the lazy, disgruntled employee who is posting LIES about these people when you do not KNOW the truth. The governing board got cited by state for its lack of support and failure to provide the necessary resources Tim and Troy needed to solve problems such as these. You keep writing about how what goes around comes around, so believe it sister , because YOUR lies, slander, libel, and defamation are surely going to be exposed!

Addendum to above

All anyone has to do to know you are the lazy disgruntled lawsuit-seeking employee is to look at all your anonymous posts. They are all on the same day and are all timed around midnight.

Gotta love it

Jeopardy was such a good tv show. "I'd like to buy a vowel". Being serious though, you made some good points.

Finally someone made a

Finally someone made a decision to report this place. I can truly say there is a lot of stuff been going on in this place. Patients are not getting proper treatment from the Doctors and the Nurses.. Doctors come and write stuff without seeing the patients and nurses thats another story... Especially on night shift they r on Facebook and on Internet.. SOme of the nurses bring there own Laptop at work and watching movies and so onn especialy at night shift... I always wished if I was a nurse I could just sit infront of the computer and play like the nurses... I think somebody need to look back all those patients charts who passed away at that hospital..I feel sorry for the patients who come by there...PLEASE DONT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE...

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