‘Scared for my life’

Shooting witness relives rampage that ended in death and murder charges

Melissa Khan had just finished helping a customer at the Vidor convenience store where she’s worked for the last decade when she looked out the front window just in time to see a white pickup truck barreling toward her at top speed in the early evening hours of Good Friday, April 6.

“I thought I was going to die,” a shaken Khan told The Examiner. “He came flying in here like an airplane.”

What Khan had witnessed was just a fraction of the saga she would soon see unfold in the parking lot of the 420 S. Main Street business.

“I’m thinking to myself – what is going on? What is happening here,” Khan explained. “Then he just plowed into a truck that was here waiting for a parking spot. It sounded really bad. I was so shocked someone would do that.”

The altercation continued.

“Not even a few seconds later, the guy gets out of his truck running at the guy he just hit. As soon as I saw him, I knew it was Rodger Allen, and he was enraged. Then, there’s gunshots.

“That’s when I thought, ‘Oh, my God. He’s coming for me next.’”

Khan’s next move was to run and lock the front door of the business. Before she could turn the latch, however, the store clerk was met at the entranceway by a man covered in blood. She vividly remembers the words he spoke.

“He said, ‘Call 9-1-1. I had to shoot him.’”

Shots fired

A police report filed at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office details the incident now ingrained in the mind of a traumatized Khan. According to investigating officer L.B. Cupit of the Vidor Police Department, the driver of the truck Khan saw speeding down Main Street was, in fact, 62-year-old Rodger Allen.

Other facts remain consistent between Khan’s recollection of events and the officer’s report. Allen was found to be driving at a high rate of speed when he rammed his truck into that of his former stepson, Kelly Gene Mitchell, who was in the parking lot of the Main Street store called Super Star Store. And Allen did leave his truck after the crash and advance toward Mitchell.

What happened next, according to Mitchell’s statement to police, is that “(Mitchell) got out of his truck and came around the door with the AR15 (.223 caliber rifle) in his hands. … As he got to the edge of the door, (Allen) was coming after him and he fired the AR15 from his waist, he didn’t remember how many times he fired, he just fired until (Allen) stopped coming.”

Mitchell then quit firing and went to ask Khan for help.

“He was hurt,” Khan said of Mitchell, “but I was too scared at the time to let him in. I had thought (Allen) had done the shooting. When I realized people were hurt and I had to help, I grabbed some paper towels and went outside. (Mitchell) just said someone was shot, not that someone was dead.”

Allen drew his last breath while Khan looked on in horror. But according to the store clerk, this wasn’t the first incident where Allen was in a physical altercation at the store.“(Allen) came in here a few months ago and beat up a man that works here. On his way out, he said he’d come back and shoot us all,” Khan said. “I believed he’d do it, too. Anyone ballsy enough to come into a store and fistfight the manager while (the manager’s) little son watches is likely to do anything.”





There are connections/friends in the highest of places in this case. Someone HAD friends that are still there after many years.


Truth...his wife bought the business with her own money. Secondly money was never the problem. The problem was that Rodger could not stand to see Kelly and his wife company succeed. He had threaten their lives since he sold business. Why the police never intervened through all this and took his threats is not understood. I just pray that they will for any other citizens. They are here to protect. That is the Gods honest truth.

You don't know everything!

MoneyChangesEveryone: You sound very bitter. Sounds like the Texas Rangers need to investigate here if the allegations you make have any ring of truth to them. Dave Shows was simply stating facts to the media. No one disputes the fact that the stepdad intentionally rammed his truck into the stepson's vehicle. That is intent to assault/murder. The stepdad got what he asked for.
Your allegations that the stepson was not paying his debt to stepdad did not justify stepdad trying to kill stepson first. Not all debts are forgiven upon death. If you know so much inside knowledge, you need to go over the Orange County DA's office with it. Kelly may be a hothead and a lot of other unsavory things, but stepdad pushed his luck for the last time and got just what he deserved.-

Money talks and shoots

The fact is the Kelly wasn't paying for the trucking company he says he 'bought' from Mr. Allen. He also used Mr. Allen's credit to spend about $40000 of Mr. Allen's money. Guess if you kill someone, you don't have to pay what you owe him. Sounds to me like the police chief of Vidor has his mind made up and plans on seeing Kelly go free. Maybe he should look into why Kelly would really benefit from killing the man. Maybe the Examiner could look into the money trail. And ask the DPS why there were bullet holes in Kelly's truck windshield...going OUT, not in.

bullet hole...not

The hole in the window was from the rear view mir ror pulling away from the shattered glass. Not a bullet hole! You need to get your facts straight because what you just stated is horse cap!!!

how many cops where called to

how many cops where called to break up during the day or they would both go to jail and it was all a set up for kelly to shoot that peace of shit in the first place roger always had a gun on him and a knife just for that.just so happends he had nothing on him ,so he thought would just wound him but lifs a bitch so live with it.

Well finally someone catches

Well finally someone catches on......Yes Yes and Yes.....the whole family knows of someones son that works in the DA's office....Sherry and Fred are good friends with the Bonnie and Roger Allen and they have a son that works in the DA's office.. so im sure strings will be pulled and mommy will bail kelly out like always....Also that is why they were never busted for running the game rooms in Vidor..because Bonnie always said that Sherry would let her know if they were about to bust a game room especialy hers...ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!!! Every Dog Has Their Day!!!!!


Rodger had a game room on Hwy 12 at time of death and as far as Fred & Sherry, their son works for a company that ships supplies to off-shore drilling companies. So whoever you are, obviously don't know anything! The truth will come out!!! I'm praying for your deranged mind!

Allen Propensity for Violence

I checked publicdata.com for Mr. Allen. He plead guility in January of this year to assault and had to pay about 1400 dollars restitution. Only God knows what he would have done to that fella if he had not been shot. Also I'm curious if Allen was friends with the cops/DA, why wasn't he indicted for making a terroristic threat?

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